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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2008-10-05       An Old Time Southern Mountain String Band / The Iron Mountain Band

i didn't know anything about The Iron Mountain Band... this is field recording in 1956, and it was released from Folkways Records... that's why i bought it... although i'm really interested in country western music, i don't know so much... also it's too difficult to get information about country western records around me... of course i may be able to find the list of so-called "country western records best 100" by some japanese music writers... but i'd like to know country western music that i like with my mind... probably it seems different from country western music writers minds... anyway i really like early recordings of country western music... i feel like "music is in close contact with daily life" from these early field recordings... singing and playing are so amazing nice!! it is so far away from rock for me... rock is a kind of illusion... i also play rock, so probably i really like this kind of music...
i don't know how american people feel when they listen to it... they are interested in or not...? when the great cd box "Anthology Of American Folk Music" was released, i believed many people would discover american old folk music... i think probably this was one of the roots of american rock, so it's a good way to know it... unfortunately japanese traditional folk music is so far from rock... so i'm not so interested in japanese traditional folk music, even i have listened to many field recordings... i'm interested in only traditional folk music from north-side of japan... the sound is like blues for me... although many japanese music listeners like traditional folk music from Okinawa (south-side of Japan), it's too tropical... so it's no meaning nothing for me... but i'm interested in just some early recordings that is really different sound from other Okinawan music...
if i was born in US as an american guy, i might play like this kind of country western music...? hummm... maybe "No"... but i'd like to play so downer country western music with bad playing that i've never listened to before even i'm not an american guy... maybe it'll happen soon...

An Old Time Southern Mountain String Band

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