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        2008-09-12       Kantata / Kolinda

Kolinda is a trad folk group from Hungary. this is their fist album in 1976.
i like Hungarian music, their music is so powerful!... and i like maybe you know very famous Hungarian trad folk group Muzsikas. it was my first Hungarian trad band that i bought Hungarian trad folk record... also of curse i love Bela Bartok too even not trad music!!!though they are the well-known hungarian trad group in japan, especially prog rock fans know their recently albums after reunion... (japanese prog rock fans love irregular meter too much!! they always talk about there is irregular meter or not in any music!! if they found irregular meter, they tried to like this music even music is so shit!! it's so stupid way for me...) their recently sound is like very sophisticated acoustic prog rock... but their early days, their sound was more wild and powerful even originally also delicate... this is very different point from Mediterranean trad folk music for me... so i feel this music is really Rock!!!
and their vocals are so beautiful!!! it impressed me!! i really love beautiful melody and beautiful vocals!! i'm sure music should be such beautiful even so-called experimental music... that's why i don't like recently experimental music, there is not any beautiful things at all... it means it's just sound, not music for me... , if even just ringing sound has any beautiful vibration, it means this is music for me!!



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