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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2008-09-06       Holst Conducts Holst - The Planets - / Gustav Holst

i'm interested in recording of conducting by composers. because it means this version is original... this recording session was second time for him... first recording session was in 1923, then there were so many problems of recording with bot enough recording system and technology... this album was recorded in 1926, recording system became better, even not enough to be perfect... so probably he couldn't be dissatisfied playing and recording... but this version is much powerful than any other versions by even so-called great conductors...
i found this suite by King Crimson... when i was 15 years old, i read they covered "Mars" in their early days on a book of King Crimson's history. (they recorded it as a part of "The Devil's Triangle" on "In The Wake Of Poseidon") i've listened to King Crimson's Mars from some bootleg, it was so cool!!! but i prefer this Holst version!! this version is totally Heavy Rock for me!!! i wanted to see a concert by his conducting... i guessthe sound was much more powerful and heavy than this recording...
i bought this record maybe 20 years ago, and i've listened to it more than 100 times... when i got this, i sold all other The Planets records... because i want to keep just best one! but i bought another The Planets record on US tour 2007. because i was so interested in the sleeve (fuckin' cool!!) and that conductor... i'm going to listen to it tomorrow...

holst conducts The Planets


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