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Kawabata Makoto
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        2008-03-09       Squimaoto / Squimaoto

Squimaoto is a female trio from Kobe. this is their first full album. (i think they released 2 mini albums on cdr.) when i saw their show at Helluva Lounge in Kobe, i got a shock also i couldn't understand what kind of music their music was... something like a bit This Heat atmosphere, but totally different! their music is so unique for me... ensemble of 2 guitars is really unique and strange sound... also drummer's playing was looks like "playing space"!! ("Squimaoto" means probably Sukima Oto, it means "sounds of the opening space") what a great drumming was!! i had seen their shows a couple of times, always i felt their music was so unique, strange and floating...
i got this new album from them when i played as MMM (Mani Neumeier + Yamazaki Maso + Kawabata Makoto) at Helluva Lounge in Kobe in last February. then Squimaoto played as our support act. when i started to listen to it in first time, i murmured aloud "You got me..." what the great intro is!! this is typical their style what i felt from their music since i saw them first time... intro of 1st track "Uida", guitar sounds are so far and so small volume with a sound of amp buzz, i thought why the volume was so small and sounds were so far...!? suddenly a sound by a cymbal comes with normal volume, finally guitar ensemble with normal volume comes!! what the great guitar riffs are!! also always the drummer keeps just playing space!! and there are some whisper vocals... it looks perfect as the one of the great female group!!
anyway their music is so unique, humble like typical old-fashioned Japanese women, but also strong like typical recently Japanese women... and like drawing... i'm sure more many people will love their music...
their base "Helluva Lounge" in Kobe is the one of the best club in Japan. they try to organize many good concerts, support many local good groups, and make so beautiful cool posters!! i've felt a new movement of the new music will happen from Helluva Lounge in Kobe...
i'm going to reissue their 2 cdrs of 1st and 2nd mini albums on CD from AMT label in near future... i hope more people will discover their beautiful music...



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