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        2008-01-18       Electri City / Michael Bundt

Michael Bundt was the bassist of German prog-rock bands Medusa and Nine Days Wonder. after these group, he changed to play keybords as solo. this is his third album in 1981, it's quit good album that electronics meets rock, even i felt a bit 80's atmosphere... so-called "electro music" in early 80's makes me a bit boring... because too mechanical atmosphere... like robots play these music... of course i understand these musicians tried to play like robots or aliens from other planets... also Michael Bundt said he came from outer space too... but i guess Michael Bundt couldn't be such alien... however even Gong who came from Planet Gong, their music is not like aliens' music...
the sound of this album is really nostalgic cheap electro-rock! and there is collage of woman's ecstasy voice on fast-forward... the sound like cheap easy listening music!! hahaha... but i love it!!!
anyway this is typical prog-rock and kraut rock burnout! many prog-rock and kraut rock musicians started to play this kind of music from late 70's or early 80's... although i understand this kind of music is not great, i love it so much!!!
by the way if robots or aliens from other planet play music, what kind of music will they play??? i'm sure they won't play this kind of electro-rock!! because this is typical illusional sound by human who likes such science fiction...

electri city

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