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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-01-31       Bouquet Of Love / The Parcy Faith Strings

i'm a big fan of Parcy Faith. also i've loved "easy listening music" since when i was a teenager. because many albums of easy litening music have very erotic artworks... maybe i got lots of influence from them to make the artworks of my albums.
easy listening music is always very good as just BGM... of course so this music is called "easy listening"... but some easy listening musicians made absolutely different music from so-called easy listening music for me. and Parcy Faith is the one of these...
when i play the guitar-drone, always i see the scene of the midnight ocean in my mind... when i listened Parcy Faith's music, i saw the scene of the ocean, too... but it was not same ocean with my guitar-drone, it remained me like inside of an aquarium... also sometime his beautiful strings made me crazy...it was same experience as when i listened early Beach Boys' so beautiful chorus. Beach Boys made me crazy too...
anyway his music is the one of deep dreamy and beautiful crazy music for me.

bouquet of love


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