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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-10-03       The Dry Branch String Band / The Dry Branch String Band

i don't know anything about The Dry Branch String Band... there is no information on the sleeve... there is only liner note about songs. it was released from Postmark Records... hummm... i'm sure it's a local small label... but i really like to find and buy unknown local country and folk musicians' records even i don't know anything about them. this is a kind of game or gamble for me... so even i bought so boring record, i don't regret so much... i enjoy playing my game! of course if i could find good records, it's big pleasure!!
The Dry Branch String Band's this record is quit good!! especially fiddle playing is amazing!!...very freak out!! i like this kind of "bad" playing on country music! because usually country also traditional music players can play so well... it's quit difficult to find so good "bad" player!! i guess they are just local musicians, maybe just childhood friends? i'm sure there are many unknown good "bad" country music records in USA!! but how can i find them??? there is only one way that i should buy records one by one what i saw at the record stores!!?? but this is my pleasure, this is my game!! i don't like check out any catalogs by some famous writers. always when i could discover the great records what i didn't know, i felt so much pleasure also fate too! i'd like to enjoy the process to discover the great music too!! record shopping is "a once-in-a-lifetime chance" for me!! i don't want to miss any chance to discover unknown great music, so i spend so much money for a tons of unknown records at the record stores! surely i'm so stupid!! hahaha... but why bad!? i could listen to this record right now!!

The Dry Branch String Band


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