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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-09-30       Texas-Mexican Border Music vol.2 Corridos part 1 : 1930 - 1934 / V.A.

i'm very interested in ethnic music especially old recordings... because probably these are more pure than recently recordings... players on this record are Trovadores Regionales, Hermanos Sanchez & Linares, Hermanos Banuelos, Pedro Rocha & Lupe Martinez, S. Ramos & D. Ramirez and Nacho & Justio. of course i don't know anything about them, and i don't know about this kind of music so much. i'm just interested in listening to any old american music!
"corridos" is the ballads of Mexicans and Mexican Americans. this music is not so much rhythmical, it's full of atmosphere like Spanish ballads... but vocals are very different from European ballads...more calm! i always feel this kind of peaceful atmosphere from old american music... European ballads are more emotional for me... although i like both, i can enjoy this recording as the one of the most peaceful music. i don't prefer some american roots music like Zydeco, Cajun Music, Gospel, etc... because too sweltering for me!
when did music lose this kind of atmosphere? especially lately music is just loud, sweltering and argument!! this music remains me music is for people!!

Texas-Mexican Border Music vol.2


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