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        2007-09-27       There & Back / Jeff Beck

when this album was released in 1980, i and my friend were so excited, and listend to it many times together!! because all songs were like self cover or parody of his past works with synthesized bass sounds! it was more "Spacy Beck" for us!! we listened to this album as the one of the space rock album at that time!!
i like Jeff Beck as "rock guitarist"! even he changed his sound to more like "cross over" "fusion"... always his music is just "rock"!!! not same atmosphere with boring "fusion"... his guitar playing is always so "rock" even musical style was changed! also his looks is always same for a long time!! even Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore and many rock guitarists' looks changed so much (getting older, become just old guys and lost rock sprits year by year...)!! why??? there is a very famous story he doesn't care any fashion, he doesn't want to be like "rock star"!!! because he said if he wanted to be a rock star it would be easy... but i meaned he would become just a commodity... he said he was interested in only looking for the peak of his guitar playing!! he is really "eternal rock guitarist"!!
he devised many revolutionary unique guitar playing!! he is much revolutionary guitarist than so-called the most legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix for me!! i'm sure Jeff Beck is more genius than Jimi!! can you imagine what kind of music Jimi would play if he could alive still now!? i can guess Jimi might play like Santana or more boring "fusion" or soul & funk music without his symbolical gimmicky guitar playing...? if Eric Clapton died when he was the guitarst of Cream, and if Jimi would still alive... can you imagine what people would appreciate about them? probably it would be the opposite result... Eric Clapton would be the most legendary guitarist and Jimi would be not legendary guitarist...
anyway Jeff Beck is still playing his rock with extreme revolutionary guitar playing!! i respect him as an eternal rock guitarist!!!

There & Back


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