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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-09-24       The Voice And Harp Of Harvi Griffin / Harvi Griffin

Harvi Griffin is a jazz harpist. but...what is jazz? Harvi Griffin plays "Satin Doll, "Misty", "Shadow Of Your Smile","Watch What Happens" also "Lara's Theme (from Doctor Zhivago)", "Never On Sunday" and "Greensleeves"!! probably so-called jazz fans say this album is not jazz, just easy listening or pops!! but i love this kind of "trash jazz" what lots of jazz fans call... why do so-called jazz fans and jazz maniacs hate it? probably they want to pretend to know everything about jazz!? mamma mia! i think this kind of maniacs make music kill!! always this kind of maniacs want to talk like this "Do you know this record?" "Do you know this musician?" if i answer them "Yes"... they start to talk to me so much their knowledge about this record and musician... if i answer them "No"... always they are so surprised (but they are not surprised in their mind...just a pose!) and they ask me again "Why don't you know it!? You must know it!!" then they start to talk to me so much their knowledge about this record and musician... it means results are same... mamma mia!! just they want to show their knowledge!! if they are writers of music magazines, it's the worst case!! they write too much logic (even musicians have never thought like this when they play their music!) and they're proud of their knowledge about music... they want to decide value of music!! of course they are influential, people are greatly influenced by their words!!
i like this record as one of the good jazz for me even almost people don't think so... i feel this is "beautiful music", why bad? anyway i don't like jazz maniacs also so-called jazz musicians who speak heatedly about "cool" jazz at the bar!!

The Voice And Harp Of Harvi Griffin


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