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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-09-23       Play And Sing The Songs Of The Beach Boys / 101 Strings Orchestra

i love The Beach Boys very much! they are the one of my favorite band!! and i like some records of 101 Strings Orchestra! this is the one of the best their record for me... although Alshire Singers sing with them, their cheap chorus creates so bad social club atmosphere!! hahaha...!! even they sing the Beach Boys' songs, the music is totally different from the Beach Boys!! there is no madness what The Beach Boys' chorus has!!! that's why...there isn't such crazy falsetto that is typical The Beach Boys' chorus!! Alshire Singers sing too chic...!
also 101 Strings Orchestra play like so cheap mood music!! so this record's atmosphere is like the sound track of a bad musical in 60s!! hahaha... why so different even they play same songs with The Beach Boys!? although i really love Francis Lai's beautiful sound tracks, also this record is totally different too!! Francis Lai's music is more ennui and erotic...
so this record tought me the most important thing of The Beach Boys' music was their crazy chorus with that falsetto once more...!!
we sing the fake Beach Boys' chorus on next our album "Acid otherly Love"!! probably many people will be surprised why AMT & TMP U.F.O. play like this! hahaha... but The Beach Boys' chorus is the one of the craziest music for me!! always their chorus blows my mind!!
by the way i tell why i like this record, this is one of the "bad music"... so i can enjoy it too!!

Play And Sing The Songs Of The Beach Boys


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