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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-09-22       Rides Again / James Gang

when i was a low teenager, i listened to many hard rock albums...because i wanted to know the hardest band (not heaviest!)... i listend to James Gang for the first time then. but i didn't feel so much thing from their music, because their music was too restrained for me at that time, even they were called "hard rock band". also i knew only about them Joe Walsh and Tommy Bolin were guitarists of James Gang. of course Joe Walsh already joined Eagles and Tommy Bolin already died when i listened to James Gang for the first time. it made me have not so good image to them, i'd listened to only Hotel California as Joe Walsh's work and Last Concert In Japan as Tommy Bolin's work then...
since then i'd totally forgotten about James Gang... even i saw their records at the stores, i was not interested in them... because i had not good image to them... when i listened to this album at my friend's flat in last spring, i asked him what this so cool record was! mamma mia! i lost about 30 years why i'd never listened to this so cool rock'n'roll!!! always i tried to re-discover any records what i was not interested when i listened for the first time, but why i didn't try to listen to James Gang again!!... just by prejudice and my first bad impression...
now i'm looking forward to re-discover more good records without any prejudice and my first bad impression... there're so many good music in the world!!

Rides Again


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