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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-09-21       Ballads / Andrew Rowan Summers

i'm really interested in American roots music and Country music in these years. unfortunately i don't know so much about Andrew Rowan Summers, and there is no liner-notes inside of the sleeve (i guess the last owner of this record lost it!)... so i can know just music from this record!
his singing is amazing also dulcimer playing too! his sound is like really troubadour!! i was looking for this kind of the greatest folk music for a long time!! and all melody is like European ballads, or chanson also fado!! this is so great music!! I felt a touch of pathos in his music!! There isn't anything pushy about his singing!! even i can't understand the lyrics, it doesn't matter! because his singing has so much good beautiful vibration! this is the real great singing for me!! some people talked about only lyrics "lyrics is the most important...bura bura bura...!" hahaha... i think it's so stupid! they can't understand what the great singing is! anyway in the biginning there was music!! even people can't understand lyrics, at least good music can impress people by only sound!!
this is the one of my favorite folk album in my life!



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