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        2007-09-20       The League Of Gentlemen / Robert Fripp

when i listened to some songs of this album first time from radio before it was released, i loved them so much!! of course i bought this album on that day when it was just come out!!
i read Robert Fripp's interview at that time, he said this album was his disco album (he called "Discotronics")!! but who could dance with this music at that time? even Fripp always sits at the shows, you know...!? and there was a rumor that this erotic vice was by Deborah Harry...
anyway i loved this sound so much! (also i was so big Fripp fun like a Fripp believer at that time...) then i felt some same atmosphere with my music, so i believed that i had synchronicity with him...! what a stupid boy i was!! at that time i already started to play drone music, also Fripp played his ambient guitar works "Frippertronics" too... and i played like pulse with rock band, he played this "Discotronics" too... anyway this album is very memorial and nostalgic for me... and i liked voice collage on this album too... of course i recorded same way too! hahaha... but i didn't like "Discipline" that was released after this album under the name of King Crimson...(Fripp's first idea of the name was not King Crimson, it was Discipline.) because it was more completed... also no Barry Andrews! i love his keyboad playing since XTC...! his keyboad playing is the most important on this album for me!! because although Barry Andrews' playing is really Rock, Fripp's guitar doesn't have any Rock spirit (so i don't like his guitar now!)... but this is disco album, so even his guitar has no Rock spirit, it's not so big problem!?
anyway this is my last favorite Robert Fripp's work...

The League Of Gentlemen


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