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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-09-19       Light Upon Light / Do'a

Do'a are Randy Armstrong (guitar, etc) and Ken LaRoche (flute,etc) from New Hampshire. their music is like folk meets prog rock by acoustic and ethnic instruments... they use acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, mandolin, harp, vibes, rosewood xylophone, bells, schruti box, flutes, recorders, panpipes, ocaria, bansri, kalimba, harmonium, piano, percussion, also special tape effects on this their 1st album!! i guess they play more like New Age or Jazz scene, but at least this their 1st album is not like New Age nor Jazz... more folk and prog rock (even they don't have bass and drums!) style... beautiful guitar works and wood winds!! what is difference between their music and New Age (or this kind of boring Easy Listening Music)...? i feel some Rock spirit from this album even they don't care it... but i think their music lost Rock spirit year by year (also they changed the name "Do'ah World Music Ensemble", and more members joined!)... it may be the way to such boring Easy Listening Music!! anyway this album is very beautiful ethnic folk for me!! but i understand many people prefer such boring Easy Listening Music to this ethnic folk... why does people prefer "beautiful" "spiritual" such boring Easy Listening Music to the real good music!? maybe this beautiful record was a miracle by accident for Do'a...?
they changed the name to Do'ah, because many people confused with DOA (Dead Or Alive)!! hahaha...

Light Upon Light


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