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        2007-08-29       Suzukaze Mayo Beatles O Utau / Suzukaze Mayo

Suzukaze Mayo is the Japanese actress. i loved her when she was in Takarazuka Kagekidan (the Takarazuka musical theater) what is formed by only women since 1913. i saw her performance at Takarazuka theater often between 1991 and 1993 until she left from the Takarazuka musical theater...
this title means "Suzukaze Mayo sings The Beatles", she sings these The Beatles' songs by Japanese translation of the songs except "Something". it was released by Takarazuka's own label TMP. she was well known as the great singer also so beautiful playing a male part at that time, so her singing is strong, lustrous and dramatic!! even i don't like The Beatles, i can enjoy this album so much!! (i think always The Beatles' covers by other musicians are much better than The Beatles' original version!!) she sings 5 The Beatles' songs on this album ("Michelle", "A Hard Days Night", "Let It Be", "And I Love Her" and "Something") with Takarazuka New Sounds. although the arrangement is such "easy listening" atmosphere, her beautiful singing fits so much!! especially "Michelle" is amazing beautiful, like a soundtrack of some late 60's love stories!! i love this kind of exaggerated singing with sweet atmosphere!!

beatles o utau


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