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        2007-07-19       In Through the Out Door / Led Zeppelin

this is my favorite L.Zep's album!! especially i really love side-B!!! "Carouselambra" and "All my love" are my favorite songs!!! L.Zep finished why Bonzo died, it was on the tour just after it was released... so we can't know where L.Zep would go after they were back with this album... this is their last album also the new Zep's 1st album for me. when it was released (i was 14 years old!), i and my friends were so excited. but when we listened to some songs from radio, my friends were so disappointed, because they changed the musical style, they featured J.P. Jones' keyboad playing, while Jimmy Page's guitar playing was much less than before... because they believed L.Zep is the hard rock group! they wanted to listened to full of Jimmy Page's guitar riffs and solo! but i've thought L.Zep was not just a hard rock group, they were like a post-Beatles for me. (Deep Purple is the typical hard rock group for me!) so i could understand why they changed the sounds, also they already changed it when they released their 3rd album! i read Jimmy Page's interview at that time, he said he wanted to be the great producer, not legendary guitarist. i'm sure he was the great producer for L.Zep, he knew how he had to compose and arrange the songs for L.Zep's member... especially he knew how he should arrange the songs for Bonzo's drumming!! anyway i didn't expect any hard rock style album (it means they step back to early L.Zep for me!) at that time, so i really loved this great album even my friends didn't like it! i expected different things to L.Zep from Deep Purple. i wanted to listen to more like "In Rock" style Deep Purple albums, but i felt enough to L.Zep that they already released 2 hard rock albums (1st and 2nd albums)... although i was interested in L.Zep's new way, unfortunately they finished then. i wanted to know what kind of music Jimmy Page wanted to play after this album, so i was interested in Jimmy Page's The Firm with Paul Rodgers also even Coverdale-Page. The firm was ok... it was a kind of blues rock group, but Coverdale-Page disapponted me so much, it was just a fake L.Zep with "David Cover Version ( i saw this name on Robert Plant's interview when the interviewer asked him about David Coverdale..."). i was disapponited a little even Page & Plant... hummm... so L.Zep's music after this album was lost forever with Bonzo... i was so interested in L.Zep's future with much less Jimmy's guitar playing... anyway i could listened to this great album!! Jimmy Page is so clever and really great musician, that's why he knew any guitar heros would lose also be outstripped by some guitarists of new generation in someday, so he might stick to compose great songs (not only guitar solo) and be a producer... finally he could make this great album without his gorgeous guitar playing!!

In Through the Out Door


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