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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-07-18       Mirror Man / Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band

Captain Beefheart is the one of the most important musician for me. also Trout Mask Replica is the one of the best 3 rock albums for me!! but probably i've listened to this album Mirror Man more times than Trout Mask Replica... especially "Kandy Korn" is the one of my favorite song that i love it as much as "Frownland" from Trout Mask Replica!! i can't understand how he composed this guitar ensemble, it's so beautiful and strange also complicate!! this guitar ensemble is the one of the most beautiful in all Captain Beefheart's works for me! also there are only long 4 tracks in this album!! when i listened to this part in first time (i was a high school boy), i impressed so much!! i felt this was the most beautiful and strange guitar ensemble in the world!! especially i compared it with King Crimson's new album "Discipline" at that time... of course i prefered it to "Discipline", even i was a super big fan of Robert Fripp then...
still now i really want to look into Captain Beefheart's brain how he got his musical idea and composed his music... needless to say, he is a really genius!!! strangely, his music is not like normal, more experimental... but many people loves his music and considers that his music is great! surely his music is persuasiveness... i think this is the true music!!! i hope to play the true music like him in one day...

Mirror Man


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