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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-07-16       De Sydfynske Alpedrenge / Solskinsliv

Solskinsliv is the acid folk group from Denmark. i don't know anything about them... i know just this album was released in 1972. they play many instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, violin, vibraphone, piano, flute, contrabass, percussion, drums... but the members have lutes on a photo on the back sleeve!! so i believed they played more like traditional songs or troubadours... (because i couldn't understand credit of some instruments by Danish! for example, drum is "trommer"!!) their music is totally different from anything what i imagined... more like Scandinavian acid folk rock!! anyway their music is so cool!!! they don't use any effects, no echo, no fuzz, no tape reverse!! i love this kind of pure sounds... because it's totally opposit to my music! of course i love trippy music with lots of effects, but if the music doesn't need any effects, it's really great way... especially i think usually acoustic instruments don't need so much effects, these instruments have already beautiful sounds by themselves. while electric instruments have lots of possibility to make many kinds of sounds with effects. so i love electric guitar!! also i love folk music and troubadours!
by the way why did they take lutes on the photo? if they play lutes, i really want to listen to their music with lutes too... and i hope they don't play neither troubadours nor traditional music with lutes... i believe they can play their own folk music with even lutes... because instruments are just tools also the one of means!

De Sydfynske Alpedrenge


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