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        2007-07-14       Some Time In New York City / Plastic Ono Band

i don't like The Beatles, also i don't like even John Lennon. but i like some his albums with Yoko Ono and especially Plastic Ono Band. i heard many Beatles' fans and John's fans hated her why she was a reason The Beatles finished... (i saw the name plate at the record store "Oh No! Yoko"!! hahaha...) when i was a boy (maybe 10 or 11 years old), my friend tought me The Beatles' music. because his brother had many Beatles records... but i was totally not interested in their music. then my friend tough me this was Rock! i didn't know any Rock music at that time, so maybe it was the first time to listen to Rock music in my life... i was so disappointed about what is called Rock then, although i already knew just a word "Rock". (of course i discovered "real" Rock music when i discovered The Who, L.Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd etc... later.)
when i was a high school boy, i heard Plastic Ono Band's songs from radio. i was so impressed with Yoko's screaming!! also i knew John and Yoko made some avant-garde albums too. then i bought them and liked them! i'm sure i like Yoko's voice! so i like Plastic Ono Band too!!
when i started to collect F.Zappa's albums, i bought this album. of course i listened to side-D (live recording with F.Zappa & Mothers) many times at that time. although i loved F.Zappa, i loved Yoko's screaming more than The Mothers playing!!! some people says Yoko is a japanese blush... but i don't think so! originally she was an avant-garde artist, also she was not musician. i think her voicalisation is amazing!! she is the great vocalist for me, and nobody sang like her before her!!(maybe even after her too...?) i bought the bootleg of the complete live recording of this concert too. but i prefer this side-D even John & Yoko with The Mothers' playing is just for less than 20 minutes...
and i like side-A, B and C too. I have a think better of John as a rock musician by this album.
AMT & TMP U.F.O. covered "Scumbag" from this album on the last US tour. and we arranged it to "dischebag" as a new song, also we're recording it now.
i really love Yoko's voice "thank you" at the end of this side-D!! it's amazing voice!! i wanted to install her as our vocalist if possible... hahaha... i know it's impossible! also we don't want to have any problem by her like The Beatles!!

Some Time In New York City


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