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        2007-06-30       Rock Encounter with Joe Beck / Sabicas

Sabicas is the famous Spanish Flamenco guitarist. (to tell the truth, Sabicas are brothers, Agustin Castellon Campos and Diego Castellon!... King Crimson's bassist Tony Levin who plays on this album wrote about it on his diary...) the concept of this album is fusion of Flamenco and Rock by a jazz guitarist Joe Beck... Donald MacDonald and Warren Bernhardt from White Elephant play on this album too. the sound is typical this kind of easy fusion music... not fused... i can understand why they wanted to try to play Flamenco Jazz Rock... because it was a kind of easy way to make "new" music! but Sabicas' Flamenco guitar doesn't play with the band so much... he (anyway i call Sabicas as one person here) plays his solo sections and the band play other sections... hummm... is it really collaboration? it's same way with Indo Jazz's album "Ragas and Reflections" (i wrote about it on 16th Jan. 06)... probably the arranger Joe Beck worked hard to arrange this album... although i heard some Spanish prog rock albums, almost sounds were same with this album! hahaha... because all bands have Flamenco guitarists in the bands!!! hahaha...!! i think it's same as American prog rock bands have banjo players!! (of course i've never heard American prog rock bands had any banjo players!!) i think it's too easy and stupid way... even Sabicas plays and a spanish singer sings Flamenco with the band on a track "Flamenco Rock" in this album, it's not fused... this is just the band play as the back band of Flamenco... although the Italian prog rock band Area could fuse rock and their traditional music, that's why they were Rock group!! it's the problem Joe Beck is not Rock... Rock is not just only the one of music style, it's more like spirit!!
anyway Sabicas is the one of my favorite Flamenco guitarist, so i can enjoy even this funny record! why so-called Jazz musicians can't understand what Rock is!!??? also it's often jazz musicians want to declare and play "Rock"... oh man... so stupid! why do they need to declare that they play Rock!? i'm sure they don't have any Rock spirits also they can't understand what Rock is!!! i want to say them they don't have any right to play Rock even they're famous, they have so much technics!! but unfortunately lots of stupid jazz fans and their fans praise them so highly, so they believe they can play Rock... if jazz musicians understand Rock spirits, they don't declare anything, just play... even their music is sound like jazz, people can feel Rock spirits from their music!! this is Rock!!

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