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        2007-06-28       Lather / Frank Zappa

this is "Lather" 4LP set bootleg. the original Lather 4LP set was not released, these unreleased tracks were appeared on four separate albums in 1978 and 1979 as "Zappa In New York", "Studio Tan", "Sleep Dirt" and "Orchestra Favorite", because he discorded with Waner Brothers then. so Zappa played almost tracks on the radio also said to audience to record all tracks!! and Waner Brothers released 3 albums from unreleased tracks of Lather without Zappa's permission. now you can find "Lather" official dbl CD set with 4 bonus tracks that was released in 1997 after Zappa died... but some tracks of this CD are different overdubbing and mixing from this original version. so we can know the original Lather by only this bootleg 4LP set... i know Zappa was the perfectionist about his music, so he changed mixing, re-overdubbing many times when he reissued his works. even between original Lather and original these 4 albums ("Zappa In New York", "Studio Tan", "Sleep Dirt" and "Orchestra Favorite") are something different... i feel very different impression between this 4LP set and these 4 albums even same tracks, because the tracks' order is different... hummm... the order is important!! when i decided the order of AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s 1st album, i didn't put tracks counters on that CD even including 12 tracks! because i didn't want audience would skip the tracks by their hands... CD is much easy to skip the tracks (especially i hate the function of cd players "shuffle"!!) than LP... i'd like to respect musicians' idea why they decided this order when i listen to any records.
but anyway if the original Lather 4LP set was released, we couldn't to listen to "Zappa In New York"... not all tracks of "Zappa In New York" are including on this 4LP set. so which is better, the original 4LP or 4 separate albums...? by the way i really want to re-release the AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s so-called trashy work "St. Captain Freak Out & The Cosmic Bamboo Request" by 2 or 3LP box with re-overdubbing and remix tracks, unreleased tracks and some new recordings in near future... because it was not complete. (although then i had an idea to release the sequel to it, probably the complete LP box is better to make audience understand this cosmic rock opeara...) but who does want to listen to it? hahaha...
today is my birthday, so i vow to release this complete box as soon as possible!!!



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