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        2007-06-25       L'infonie (volume 3) / L'Infonie

i wrote about Raoul Duguay yesterday, so i wanted to listen to his avant-garde group L'Infonie's 1st album. although this is their 1st album, the title is "volume 3". (2nd album is "volume 33", 3rd album is "volume 333", 4th album is "volume 3333".) L'Infonie formed with 33 artists from free jazz, classical music, contemporary, rock, visual arts and poetry in Montreal in 1967, lead by canadian composer Walter Boudreau and poet, singer Raoul Duguay. so their music is not just experimental, the sound is like contemporary meets free jazz and rock also theater too, a little similar with F.Zappa & The Mothers of Invention!! also their looks is like a hippies collective or a freak out theater! (like Gong!) usually free music collective tend to play so boring masturbated improvisation, but their music is really successful to mix many different music, that's why Walter Boudreau holds initiative... i don't prefer to play and listen so-called easy free improvisation by many musicians... because it's not music for me, just players masturbate by instruments, and misunderstand about composing music by improvisation... in the first players must have the musical vision to reach with all members. in the second players must understand where they are on the music, when they play... if players feel only being ecstasies, this music becomes just musturbation... players must stand up different place from the audience!!!
this is the one of my favorite avant-garde record! because they have their musical brain!



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