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        2007-06-26       Dreaming / Murari Band

i don't know about Murari Band so much... they are from Atlanta, they started in maybe 1978 or 79 and released at least 3 albums... i guess they are believers of a kind of Hare Krishna Temple... that's all... i found their name on the vinyl lists of japanese rare records stores as "acid folk"... i have their 2 albums. when i bought this album, i didn't know anything about them... i was just interested in this sleeve, because they put some images of Hare Krishna Temple... i imagined they might be a kind of cult acid folk group...? these is a inner sheet what is information of mailorder... they sell Murari Band's records and 3 books "Consciousness : Missing Link", "The Science Of Self Realization" and "Seach For Liberation : John Lennon 69"!! what are they? oh man... that period when they released it was already in 1981!! probably their music is like an old-fashioned fossil folk rock then... by the way what did i do in 1981?... i played my music, and i set up my cassette label R.E.P. to release my music... then i was alreay interested in what is called "psychedelic", "flower movement", "hippies culture", but these were already dead language by some new movements especially Punk and New Wave! unfortunately my music were not similar with Punk/New Wave... so nobody was interested in my music in that period... but i didn't care about it, i just wanted to play my music what i want to play and listen. in these days, people said my early works were really psychedelic, when they listened to some reissued my early works. i'm not sure my early works were psychedelic or not... maybe my early works what i wanted to play were similar with psychedelic music even i didn't know what psychedelic music was yet...
by the way Murari Band is also old-fashioned in that period too... so if i met them in 1981, could we sympathize each others? i think probably NO! we had totally different musical ideas! (so the drummer Benny Tillman plays so-called new age music now!) but i might be interested in their life style why i wanted to know what is called "hippies culture"... (so i had stayed at the one of Japanese old hippies commune when i was younger...) but i already understood that i'm interested in music more than life style!!



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