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        2007-06-24       On S'M O Kebek / Raoul Duguay

Raoul Duguay is the important musician in Quebec in late 60s and 70s. he formed the great avant-garde group "L'Infonie" with the great canadian composer Walter Boudreau, they released so great albums, especially "L'Infonie (volume 3)" is the one of the greatest avant-garde album!! but also he is well known as a hit singer too. this album "On S'M O Kebek" is strange... although this is dbl LP set, side-D is just blanc... it means 3 sides records set. tracks of side-A are chosen from his solo albums without his biggest hit song! side-B is 2 unreleased studio recording tracks (the sound is like mellow jazz vocal style) and 1 live tracks (the sound is like a bit prog rock ballad atmosphere)... suddenly at the end of the live track, audience sing together! the sound is like hymn!!!... then side-C, it's so strange, there is only 1 long track... intro is just tambura's drone!! he sings with like fake Indian traditional music by tambura, tabla, violin and acoustic guitar!! what!? is it the one of the french-canadian acid folk?? although i like his mellow and sweet pop & jazz vocal style, i love his acid folky french singing too!! espesially the end of half, he sings like fake indian chant with only drone... it's much better than La Monte Young's fake Indian chant for me! hahaha! also at end of the part, he start to speak to audience like a yoga mater!! what?? of course i know he sings with his early avant-garde group L'Infonie, so i'm not surprised even he plays any strange things... anyway it's so interested and funny track for me... why does Western people long to Indian culture also meditational things so much? this is the funniest thing for me!!!

On S’M O Kebek


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