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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-06-23       Any Road Up / Steve Gibbons Band

although Steve Gibbons Band is the british rock group, i believed they were the american band... because their sound made me feel the american 70s rock atmosphere very much... their sound is just a common cool 70s style rock for me, nothing unique... but sometime i really want to listen to this kind of common cool 70s style rock!! unexpectedly it is a little difficult to find such real common 70s style cool rock records... of course it's easy to find many common bad 70s style rock also a bit uncommon 70s style cool rock records! i can enjoy their music just as a listener, it's important for me to be a music fan forever... but usually when i listen to the music, the music makes me remember i am a musician not just a listener... their composition is really nice, all tracks are fine works!
they're still playing now, oh man... they have some shows in UK in June and July too!! is someone going to go to their show? if possible i'd like to go to their show just as an audience in one day, probably i can enjoy their music with good drinking!

Any Road Up


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