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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-01-21       Trippers Go Go / Trippers

i don't know anything about this korean garage group Trippers. all songs on side-A have korean titles, all songs on side-B have english titles on this LP. unfortunately i can't understand any korean, so i could read only english titles on side-B, but they sang all songs by korean.
the sound is very similar with japanese 60's garage (we call "Group Sounds"), Trippers play sometime like Procol Harum sometime like Beach Boys or Beatles, also very funny so bad asian pops style too... the R&R with sound of korean language makes me feel so strange, because sound is like not real language, like just joke.
i bought a lot of 60's korean garage bands' vinyls when i went to Seoul. but almost discs had lots of damages...why didn't korean people hundle it with care? though i found some record shops that had lots of mint vinyls, i couldn't buy anything there...because the price was super expensive more than US$1500 for each vinyls...! i hope someone will reissue more korean 60's stuff in one day.

troppers go go


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