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        2007-06-06       Paintings / Mike Quatro Jam Band

Mike (Michael) Quatro is the brother of Suzi Quatro. this is his first solo album even the name is his Jam Band, he played lots of keyboards and synthesizers. Patti and Nancy Quatro sing chorus, the lead vocalist John Finley is from Rhinoceros. also Ted Nugent plays guitar on 2 tracks!! the sound is including totally 2 different musical styles, some tracks are typical R&R style, the rest of tracks are prog rock style!!! the sound is like not by same musician! probably he had to put some R&R songs for sales promotion as Suzi's brother...?
i like american prog rock... because always flop as prog rock!!! hahaha... i guess Mike Quatro wanted to play like Keith Emerson, but it looks he didn't have enough technic... so i like this album!!! they cover King Crimson's "Court Of The Crimson King" with Ted Nugent's guitar!! this version is quit good, especially intro is so spacy and caostic!! anyway this is the one of the best american prog rock record for me!! but if he formed a prog rock group with his sister Suzi, i might be much more interested in!!!



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