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        2007-05-31       Ty / Skaldowie

this is Polish group Skaldowie's 6th album that was released in 1970. i already wrote about their 2nd album in last autumn. they are known as Polish beat band, Polish soft rock band also polish prog band, because they changed the sound from beat rock to soft rock in late 60s, from pop rock to more prog rock on their 9th album "Krywan, Krywan" in 1973. i prefer their soft rock sound! even some people called their music "soft rock", i can't agree it... their sound is like dark side of the 60s mood pops for me!!!! i love this kind of pop strings arrangement like a sounds of A&M Records atmosphere!! but their vocal and chorus are very wimpy and delicate... and organ playing is so cheap and cool!!! i prefer this kind of pre-prog rock sound!! especially "Ostatnia Scena ~ Epilog" is the best track for me! a bit trukish riff by cheap wah guitar, very dramatic arrangement, so mellow vocal, what the bizarre song is!



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