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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-05-29       Smile / The Beach Boys

i love Beach Boys as the most strange psychedelia for me! when i hear their freaky chorus, i feel to be mad by their freak out falsetto!!! especially i prefer early Beach Boys' sound!! but i like this album. (i have only one bootleg, so i don't know which bootleg is the best to understand Brian Willson's idea at the time... anyway i have only this bootleg...) when i listened to "Smile" by Brian Willson solo, i was disappointed a bit... because i believed the sound would be more beautiful and mad... although it was in 1967 when he recorded orginal "smile" with Beach Boys, it was 37 years later when he re-recorded "Smile" by himself... of course i couldn't expect on same sound as the original recordings in 1967... especially i was very interested in his idea of modular recording as the new technique... like how he would break such beautiful Beach Boys' chorus by this new way! when i discovered Beach Boys by F.Zappa's words long time ago (i was twenties then...), i got a big shock from Beach Boys' freak chorus!!! it was much more freak out than F.Zappa's strange chorus like fake Beach Boys for me!!!!! in 2001, suddenly i got one idea to mix like a heavy rock with Beach Boys' chorus... unfortunately we couldn't sing like Beach Boys' chours at that time, so i gave up then... but right now, i really want to try it again!!! because this bootleg remained me this idea again!!!! this album is the one of the best "musique cincrete" album for me.



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