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        2007-05-25       Selda / Selda

Selda Bagcan is a Trukish female singer. i don't know about her so much... although there is reissue as the Trukish psychedelic music, i guess she is just a Trukish pop singer... just arrangement has psychedelic atmosphere by electric saz, killer fuzz guitar, cosmic synthesizer sound... also all songs have typical Trukish melody and riffs! so we feel such psychedelic moods... even Erkin Koray who is well known as one of the most famous Trukish psychedelia, is just the very famous rock star in Trukey... when i've been to Istanbul for 2 shows of Musica Transonic / Mainliner in 1996, i asked the Trukish organizers "do you know Erkin Koray?" they said "yes, of course! he is the famous rock star since 60's!!!" i'd never imagined he was so big rock star there!!! i believed he was the Trukish underground musician in 60's! also they said there would be the biggest rock festival next day, Erkin Koray would play as pre-head liner!! i was so surprised that he was still playing!!! (Status Quo played as the head liner! they are only one foreign band in that festival...)
so i can guess Selda is just pop singer in Trukey... there're many same situations in the whole world, even in Japan too... but anyway i can enjoy this record as the trukish psychedelic sound!!



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