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Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2007-05-23       Cantigas de Viola de Rueda / Eduardo Paniagua

Eduardo Paniagua is a brother of Gregori Paniagua who led Atrium Musicae. all songs by Alfonso X el Sabio who is the king of Reino de Castilla, and featuring Viola de Rueda (hurdy-gurdy)... probably i prefer his big brother Gregori Paniagua & Atrium Musicae's so beautiful works to Eduardo's works... but of course Eduardo's works are good too, just i feel less "acid folk" atmosphere from his works than his brother's works... more like prog rock atmosphere for me...
i love hurdy-gurdy sounds, so this is a good hurdy-gurdy with chant album for me. i much prefer this kind of Mediterranean medieval music that has influence from Arab music to well known Iresh & British traditional music. so i love Mediterranean traditional music, Greek music, Eastan European music so much...
sometime i think music needs the drone... because many traditional music in the world have the drone in their music! but why did old people like the drone so much? this is a big question to me for a long time... probably drone had some special effect for them? so i love music with the drone since when i was a kid, too...? so i add some drones even AMT's loud rock music!? anyway the drone is beautiful for me... i feel like the drone shows me the other side of the universe...

Cantigas de Viola de Rueda


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