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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-03-09       Ajn Schvajn Draj / Trad Gras och Stenar

i'm really glad i could invite legendary Swedish psychedelic group Trad Gras och Stenar to Japan. and i'm very grateful with them to play so great music in each night! also i'm very grateful with everyone who came to the concerts and who helped me to organize.
i couldn't imagine how they composed and played their great music... of course i'd never seen their concerts and any videos before... also i hadn't met them too... when i saw their first concert of this Japan tour in Kobe, i got a little shock, because they had always smiles on the stage!! what the peaceful musicians are!! their live music was amazing great!! how can they play so drifting so beautiful!? i'm sure they are living on the different speed and time from us... i played a little with them on all concerts of this tour, i felt to play with like a drifting caos! i'm very impressed with especially Bo Anders Persson's guitar playing! what the great guitarist is!! although i didn't have any chance to see the one of my favorite guitarist Jerry Garcia's playing by my eyes, i prefer Bo Anders' incredible guitar works. i'm very lucky i could see his playing for 4 nights!!! who can play like Bo Anders in the world and the whole R&R history!!?? and their ensemble was unbelievable too, like the drifting in a galaxy!!! maybe Grateful Dead's playing might be similar with them... but GD's sound was more constructed than TGS...
they played some songs from this thier latest album on this tour. so it remained me the great experience what i felt from them at the concerts...
and i'm really grateful with playing with them. when i parted from them, Bo Andres said me "not everyone can play with us, but you can play with us" i impressed with his words a lot and I am proud of playing with them.

Ajn Schvajn Draj


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