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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-01-17       0 / Mady Gula Blue Heaven

the one of my favorite Mady Gula Blue Heaven's song "E Reine" is tributed to victims of Kobe & Awaji earthquake on 17th of January 1995... it was 12 years ago...
maybe many people knows Mady Gula Blue Heaven why Cotton was the vocalist. Mady Gula Blue Heaven is the one of my favorite Japanese female group! especially this thier 2nd album (also their last album) "0" is the one of my favorite album in Japanese undergroud scene. of course i love Cotton's rainbow colored vocals, but i really love the guitarist Tanaka Hiroco (aka Roco)'s guitar works and composing!! her songs are really beautiful!! especially i love track #1 "Nakushite shimaumade" and track #4 "E Reine"!! these songs are amazing beautiful!! so i bought 4 copies of this album for the rest of all my life at that time!!! their sound is really beautiful floating psychedelic pop rock!! and Roco (may I presume to call her Roco?) plays amazing guitar works on this album!! what the great arrangement is!!! her guitar playing has female's delicate sensibility, also it's very powerfull not like a female guitarist!! i'm sorry they finished just after this album... i really wanted to listen to more their music... Roco formed her new female bands Helicoid 0222MB and F.F.D. (Free From Disguise)!! i can listen to her many musical idea by these groups. (these groups have released some albums! if you're interested, please check it out!) i and Roco formed an acid folk duo "Karma" in a couple of years ago... we released one track on the one compilation "The Invisible Pyramid" from Last Visible. i really would love to make our 1st full album in this year... and if possible we'd like to go to the tour too. i really want to introduce Roco to everyone especially all of Acid brothers and sisters!!!! she is so great guitarist and so beautiful woman!!



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