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        2007-01-14       Le Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena ~ Utinam Reviviscat Medium Aevum! ~ / J.A. Seazer

i like J.A. Seazer very much since when i was a high-school boy. i listened to his music first time, when i saw Terayama Shuji's Film "Denen Ni Shisu" at the small movie theater. then i got so big shock by his music... what the unique and strange sound is!! but unfortunately i didn't know anything about him at that time, i just found his name on the pamphlet... i believed J.A. Seazer was not Japanese... because his name is not like Japanese name!!
i looked for his information and albums from then, finally i knew he was a Japanese guy and the one of the legendary hippy!! unfortunately i couldn't find any his records at the stores, so i recorded his music by my old portable cassette-recorder at the movie theater when i could get a chance to see Terayama's films again. i loves his music as the real Japanese heretical prog rock!! (in those days i disappointed with almost 60's and 70's Japanese rock groups why they play just bad copies of Western music...) and i got many influence from his music at that time. (i think i got the influence only from him in all 60's and 70's Japanese music...)
i found one tv animation program "Le Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena" in spring 1997. it had so strange story and direction... and when i saw it first time, i was so interested in especially the sound track!! what the strange music is! i guessed maybe this composer stole the musical idea from Magma or Yoshida Tatsuya's Koenjihyakkei... but when i checked the name of composer on the ending roll, i found the name...what!!!??? the composer was J.A. Seazer!!! i couldn't believe he was working with a tv animation program!!! (because the directer Ikuhara Kunihiko is a big fan of J.A. Seazer!) so i watched this program in each wednesday evening! they released 4 sound track albums of this tv series, and 1 sound track album of the movie, of course J.A.Seazer composes and his theater Banyuinryoku sing on these albums!!! even the sound is like almost sequenced music, but i enjoyed typical his melody!! and chorus by Banyuinryoku remained me Magma!
this album is the sound track of Utena movie, not tv series. all tracks by J.A. Seazer! of course this is not his best works, but i can enjoy J.A. Seazer's world!!! especially i like to listen to it and sing together with driving!!!

Utinam Reviviscat Medium Aevum!


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