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        2007-01-12       Lux Vivens / Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch

i didn't know who Jocelyn Montgomery was... i bought this cd just why i love Hildegard von Bingen and David Lynch very much. Hildegard von Bingen is well known as German monastic leader, mystic, author, and composer of music in the Middle Ages. maybe you know her by the famous group Sequentia plays her music and has released many albums of Bingen's music... and i'm sure i don't need to explain anything about David Lynch here.
i like Julee Cruise whom David Lynch produced, so i could imagine what kind of voice Jocelyn Montgomery has... and i've felt some mystic atmosphere by David Lynch's films, i imagined the sound might be more mystic than Twin Peaks sound track. but when i listened to it first time, i was so disappointed... because i couldn't feel any mystic power of Bingen's music from this David's producing... something were same atmopsphere as typical his gimmick world like his films Twin Peaks or Blue Velvet... it meant this was just a Bingen's formal cover with David's darkside effects for me. and i'm sorry Jocelyn Montgomery's voice didn't make me feel anything of Bingen's spiritual vibration too, even her voice was beautiful...
after 8 years, i found this cd in my disorderly cd rack... then i took it in a casual manner. i started to listen to it without any expectation of Bingen's mystic vibration, just as the beautiful floating female vocal music. suddenly i felt it was a good music as the David Lynch's dark floating music!! even he couldn't get success to get Bingen's mystic power on this album, he could make so beautiful dark music like his trademark!! when i listen to his some heavenly dark tracks on his film, i feel the divine light in the darkness... so his music doesn't have Bingen's mystic power, but it show me David's heavenly world what i love!!!

Lux Vivens


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