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        2009-03-22       Dead Wonderland / Teresa11

Teresa11 is the psychedelic dub girls duo from Osaka. they released 1st album "Smoky Heaven" from Italian label Eibon Records on 2004. this is their 2nd album that was released from Meatbox Records on 2008. the band is led by vocalist and track maker Rie Lambdoll (from crossbred) , and guitarist Roco joined from this album. Roco was the guitarist of Mady Gura Blue Heaven (Cotton Casino was the vocalist), and she is vocalist & guitarist of HELICOID0222MB, also guitarist of F.F.D. too.
their music remains me the image of Morocco (but i haven't been there... so it's just image...), i think my imagination is so cheap and stupid, i know... but their music is really mystic atmosphere... i feel like Rie Lamdoll's mystic voice hypnotizes me... and Roco's beautiful fuzz guitar confuses me...
usually i don't listen to dub music, because i don't like any reggae music... Teresa11's music has a kind of dub method, but i like their music so much. that's why their music is really mystic psychedelic sounds, its totally different from any reggae music... even Rie Lamdoll plays melodica that is the well known instrument by Augustus Pablo... i think even psychedelic fan, reggae music fan and house music fan can listen their music...
the sleeve was painted by Rie, it's so beautiful picture!! i like it very much!!

Dead Wonderland


        2009-03-21       Shimizu Jirocho Den / Hirosawa Torazo

Hirosawa Torazo is the well known legendary Rokyoku singer. Rokyoku is also called Naniwabushi, it was originally a kind of street performance in 19th century... Rokyoku is that the singer sings and talks stories with a Japanese traditional instrument Shamisen. Rokyoku was really popular until 50s, especially radio made Rokyoku popular at that time...but when people started to watch TV, Rokyoku was out of vogue... and still now...
Hirosawa Torazo became really famous by this "Shimizu Jirocho Den"... even people don't know any Rokyoku nor even name of Hirosawa Torazo, almost people know a passage from this "Shimizu Jirocho Den"!!!
his voice of singing really remains me Captain Beefheaert! if Don Van Vliet listens to Hirosawa Torazo's singing, what will he think?
i just started to listen Rokyoku in recently... although i was not interested in Rokyoku even i heard Rokyoku on radio sometime... but a couple weeks ago, i listened to Hirosawa Torazo's recording on radio when i drove my car, i got so big shock!! what the great music is!! i discovered Rokyoku then!! singing and talking are great, also backing by Shamisen with female interjected chant "haa..", "yoooo...", "ohhh...", "ahhhh" are so great too!!! why wasn't i interested in Rokyoku until these days!!?? i need to alive at least more 10 years for understanding Rokyoku!! the life is always exciting!!! hahaha...
Hirosawa Torazo dead in 1964, so i had no chance to see his live performance...

Shimizu Jirocho Den

        2009-03-20       Erik Satie Oeuvres Pour Piano / Jean-Joel Barbier

i'm really interested to listen to Erik Satie's piano playing his songs by himself... of course i know it's absolutely impossible... (i heard he recorded something... but not his song...? anyway i can't find this recording...) of course everyone knows Erik Satie's music at least "Gymnopedies"... though i've listened to lots of Satie's records by many musicians, all most records were like easy listening music... of course he composed "Musique d'ameublement" that is the root of ambient music, so maybe it was not wrong...? but i think Erik Satie's piano playing were more different from these easy listening style... so he had to write lots of annotation how to play...?
i was looking for the best playing Satie's songs, my result is this 4LP box. the pianist Jean-Joel Barbier is the French pianist also poet, he wrote long explanation of Satie's music and this recording on the booklet. he respects Satie's original idea and mind so much, so i can feel some difference from other Satie's records... i've never seen all of Satie's score by his hands... so i'm not sure Jean-Joel Barbier's interpretation is right to Satie or not... but i feel it's totally different from other "easy listening" versions!! he is also a poet, that's why he could guess and understand how to play his songs with Satie's mind...
well, music is just music... maybe some people prefer "easy listening" version to this record, even they love Satie's music... Satie already dead, so there is no answer now... we don't know what is the best playing of his music... then there wasn't recorders, so he had to write a lot of annotation how to play... at present, we can listen to recordings that were recorded by the composers or musicians under the supervision of composers, even we can't go to concerts... but we know recording is not same as concert... the best thing is listening live music by composers or musicians under the supervision of composers at the venues...
anyway i like this 4LP set very much as the closest to Satie's idea for me , i can't explain you what the difference is from other recordings by my poor English... so i can just recommend it to you if you'd like to listen to a good Satie's record...

Erik Satie Oeuvres Pour Piano

        2009-03-17       Drugi Nacin / Drugi Nacin

Drugi Nacin is the Yugoslavian hard rock group, this is their 1st album in 1975. on the intro of side-A #1, the vocalist shouts like Ian Gillan on the intro of "Highway Star"!! also side-A #3, the song is really similar (70% same!) with Deep Purple's "Mistreated"!! i'm sure they got some influences from Deep Purple and some British hard rock groups... so their music is really old "Hard Rock"!!
i bought it at one secondhand record store in Zagreb. there were "Yugoslavian Rock" selection there, i asked the store owner to listen to some records what i picked up... all records were sounds like so-called New Wave atmosphere... except for this record! also there were CD reissue too, CD is including 2nd album too as 2 in 1. (then Tabata bought it...)
i like this record, because the music is really mellow even they are a hard rock group... this vocal remains me the well known american psychedelic group Mad River!! i love Mad River too! i really like this kind of mellow vocal!!
the Croatian hard psychedelic band Seven That Spells' leader Niko said me there was no good old Yugoslavian band... hahaha... i guess his mind that is same as 60s - 70s Japanese Rock for me...!! right, even this band Drugi Nacin is a kind of B-class hard rock group... if they were the british group, i might not be interested in them...

Drugi Nacin

        2009-03-14       Uncle Meat / Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention

this is one of my best favorite Zappa's album equal to "Freak Out" for me!! i prefer F.Zappa & The Mothers of Invention's music on his all musical carrier... because after Mothers of Invention, his music style became more "rule" (not "direct"), so he could get lots of many great musicians who had such great technic by many money... but music became boring for me... lots of Zappa fans talk about how difficult to playing his music... but i'm not interested in this kind of thing about his music... i'm interested in his unique musical idea like mixture any kind of music with humor!! i've never felt any "serious" feeling from his music even the music are like so abstruse!!
i love The Mothers of Invention that means early Zappa music for me, because some musicians in the band don't have such great technic... but the band is more really band than late Zappa band (even middle of 70s) that was just unit of great musicians... if he could continue this line-up until the end of his life, his music would be different at least a little... i guess the music would be more better... i think Zappa's tragedy was one thing he couldn't trust and respect other musicians... so i guess he had to be the absolute ruler in the band... i read J.Garcia's interview, then he said he was the ruler in the band in the beginning of Grateful Dead, so he kicked Phil Lesh after the show why J. Garcia didn't like Phil's playing at that night... but he changed mind in one day, so he gave space to other members and he tried to be one part of the band, then he said the everything became great!! so, i like The Mothers of Invention!
well i'd love to follow his idea that music needs humor... even i don't have such great technic like Zappa band... but i have always tried to mix many music with humor... even you feel serious music, i put some humor into my music, especially AMT's music... one of AMT & TMP UFO's new album "Are We Experimental?" are really like this!! of course it's like something are parody of Jimi Hendrix and so-called "experimental music"! but also we mixture many kind of music with humor! of course not just humor!! don't misunderstand it! probably the parts what you will feel humor are serious for us, the parts what you will feel serious are humor for us!! anyway we hope you'll understand our idea when you'll listen to the new album!!
i love this album "Uncle Meat" a lot, also i like the film too! but i prefer this dbl LP set with a booklet, i don't prefer dbl CD set... because Zappa added lots of bonus tracks (about 45 min.?) when it was reissued on dbl CD set... but the bonus tracks were pickup from the films... i think the order of dbl LP set is perfect as "album"... probably ive already listened to this dbl LP set more than 200 times in my life... although i also have dbl CD set too, i've played it maybe 5 times in my life! hahaha... i'm sorry... maybe idon't understand Zappa's mind!? hahaha... it doesn't matter!!

Uncle Meat

        2009-03-13       Tsuishin, Kitakouro - Guitar Hit Kayo Best 16 - / Mizutani Kimio & Tribe

this record was released in 1974. i guess someone knows the Japanese guitarist Mizutani Kimio who played with the Japanese 60s garage band "Out Cast", 70s prog rock group "Love Live Life", and recently formed a new duo"MA-YA" with the keyboard player Yanagida Hito who was well known as the member of "Apryl Fool", "Food Brain", "Love Live Life" and "Yanagida Hiro Group"... so if you are interested in so-called "Japanese 60s-70s Rock", probably you will be interested in this record too..?
he is also known as composer and arranger of Japanese pops "Kayo-kyoku" too. so he plays very famous Japanese popular songs (not including any his songs... unfortunately all songs are more famous his songs...) on this record. the music is popular songs without vocals, his guitar playing is instead vocals... so this kind of music remains me the music in a super market!! and i guess this record may be recorded just for BGM of super markets!! so of course he doesn't use any pedals even fuzz nor echo... really clean sound, typical "easy listening guitar sound"!!!
probably he recorded it just for money as his business... i know even Japanese underground musicians play as support members of the super famous J-pop musicians and bands now! because they know unfortunately their music don't make enough money for their lives, also they have really good technic of playing instruments!! of course this is one choice... Mizutani also composed and arranged many songs for Lazy that was the forerunner of Japanese heavy metal band Loudness! (though Lazy was originally like a Deep Purple style group, they had to change to the pop-idol group like Japanese BCR when they contracted with a major record company! i make an unnecessary addition, all members of Lazy were Tsuyama's high-school mates, and he played with Higuchi in a same band at that time!)
but i can't do that... because i don't want to play any music what i don't want to play... even they can give me so much money... though my music doesn't make so much money (unfortunately!... hahaha...) and makes me so busy, fortunately i can get minimum money for alive from my music in these years... i don't want to get such big money (even not like a millionaire...), it's enough for me... hummm... if possible i'd like to get a bit more...? hahaha...!!! also i don't have such great technic of playing... so i can't play this kind of music!! hahaha... i'm very lucky!!
probably some Japanese Rock record collectors want to get this record even the music is so boring...?
i'm not interested in almost 60s - 70s Japanese Rock bands... because their music were just copies of Western music at that time... probably foreigners are interested in such old Japanese Rock as "exotic"... i understand this mind, because i feel same thing to other asian rock, turkish rock, south american rock, etc... but i'm sure Japanese underground music (from late 70s) are much better than such boring old trash rock... so many time, many interviewers asked me what influence i got from 60s - 70s Japanese rock, always my answer was really simple, "nothing!"
this kind of records make me laugh always... because music is just for super market by old Japanese rock musicians!!! what is Rock for them!? so i can't respect them totally!! hahaha...

Tsuishin, Kitakour

        2009-03-12       The Sounds Of Love ...A To Zzzz / Fred Miller

this is one of well-known record as electronics with erotic voice! i bought it more than 15 years ago... then not so many people were interested in electronic music and so-called moog sounds also even electro-acoustic music too, so it was so cheaper, about 300 yen ($3)... i was just interested in sleeve that is the photos of synthesizers and kissing man and woman...
the music is really great, especially side-A!! just woman's erotic voice and kissing noise with electronics sound!! i guess the musician doesn't play such bigger synthesizer system that i can see on the sleeve!! the synth sound is very cheap and simple... i remembered my early electronics solo recordings by Roland System100...!! hahaha... it's really stupid and easy idea, maybe everyone had imagined this kind of idea... me too... i recorded electronics and some instruments with erotic voice from the porno cassette tapes when i was 15 or 16 years old...!! hahaha... but why is this records such great!? because electronics sounds are so simple and so primitive like bad playing by the musician who has never touched any synthesizer before... also some parts remained me the one of the great psychedelic group Silver Apples!! all tracks of side-A were composed by Fred Miller... but who is Fred Miller????? i have totally no idea... i don't know even Fred Miller is the same guy of the photo on the sleeve or not...
music of side-B is different from side-A! there are 2 track on side-B, Ravel's "Bolero" and Mozart's "Piano Concerto No.21" with electronics also woman's erotic voice!!! what!? and both classical songs weren't played by synthesizer!!! not like Walter Carlos...
i guess these were from records!!!! the musician plays synthesizers with the records!! like karaoke for synthesizers! hahaha... several years ago, Yamazaki Maso (aka Masonna, Space Machine) said he played synthesizers with many records and cds at his flat... me too... when i was a teenager, i played guitar with any sounds from records, radio, TV... even news that was read by announcers! i didn't play like "copy", i tried to play as "collaboration" with any sounds... it was my exercise for guitar and improvisation...
by the way i wanted to reissue it on CD when we started AMT label. so i sent a letter to Copley Records to ask to reissue it... (i found their address on the back sleeve.) i waited for their any answer so long time... almost 1 year later, my letter was sent me back as address unknown!! i see... of course this record was released in 70s... also probably small label... so i couldn't get right to reissue it on CD... well, probably i should overdub some electronics or drone sounds on this record, and release it!!?? hahahaha....

The Sounds Of Love ...A To Zzzz

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