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        2009-02-22       Colorado Folk / V.A.

when i went to Denver first time in my life, i found one section "Colorado Folk" at one record store... at that time, i was looking for good American folk music records, so it interested me so much!! of course i bought all records from this section!! i found some really good records then... but when i went back to Denver again, there was any more records in the Colorado Folk section... so i'm always looking for Colorado Folk records from that moment... in last year, i bought this Colorado Folk compilation!!
this compilation is by 4 musicians (units), Dan Mc Crimmon, Mary & Katy, Grubstake and Jim Ranson... it was released in 1973... unfortunately i didn't know any musicians on this records when i bought it... of course i can guess there are so many folk singers in Colorado!
this records is amazing great for me! all tracks became my favorite folk music what i was looking for so long time!!! especially i really love Dan Mc Crimmon's tracks!! i found he released one album "Here To There" as duo Frummox with Steve Fromholz in 1969... also he is still playing with Steve Fromholz now!! wow!! i really want to see their show!!
Mary & Katy are Mary Moffatt and Katy Flower... their music is one of the best female singer's folk music for me!!! so mellow and dreamy... i didn't know Katy Moffatt and Mary Flower both released many albums!! it looks they are quit famous!? probably they are still playing now too!?
Grubstake are Jack Stanesco, Harry Tuft and Steve Abbott. i love their chorus, something remain me European polyphonies... it's so beautiful and deep... they are also playing still now!! yeah!!
and i love Jim Ransom's tracks too!! what the ephemeral and beautiful music is!!! but his early his albums "Just Come Along for the Ride" (1974), "The Escape of J. D. Mackenzie and other Songs" (1976) and "Ransom Notes" (1977), unfortunately the master recording of these albums have disappeared... what!? i have to find these LPs on next US tour!!
i'd love to play folk music and country western music like ephemeral, dreamy and beautiful folk music... in one day, even i'm not American musician...

Colorado Folk


        2009-02-19       Emmanuelle / Pierre Bachelet & Herve Roy

i love soundtrack records of films very much!! of course if it's my favorite film, it's perfect! but i like many soundtrack records even these are not my favorite films too!!
i like this so famous film "Emmanuelle" series, even B-class Italian fake series too! when i watched this film (i was probably 13 or 14 years old) on TV, i found some songs were very similar with King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt.2" that i loved at that time! but the scenes of the film with these tracks gave me so big shock... these images of the scenes were totally different from my image that i got from King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt.2"... these scenes were really mystic also erotic for low teenager boy!! hahaha...
when i bought this record first time (i bought and sold it 2 or 3 times in my life...) i got big shock again! i love Main Theme and same kind of atmosphere tracks as French soft easy-listening music... but these fake "Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt.2" tracks are including beautiful drone... this drone remained me my first shock when i saw the scenes with these music!! finally i understood this drone was the most important for my images of this film!!! i wasn't interested in anything about plagiarism from King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt.2" or not... because these tracks with drone are much more great music than King Crimson's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic pt.2" that even i loved so much...


        2009-02-17       Gandalf / Gandalf

maybe you know Gandalf that is well known as the best dreamy psychedelic band. i love this album so much! so floating sounds!!! even they cover so-called standard songs on this album, Bing Crosby's "Golden Earrings", Harry Belafonte's "Scarlet Ribbons" and Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy", the music is totally Gandalf's floating dreamy sounds!! and this kind of so-called melancholic psychedelic sound remains me some Japanese 60s garage bands that is so-called GS (Group Sounds) in Japan... their music were one part of Pops in Japan at that time, so all groups had to play songs that were composed by famous composers... Gandalf covered standard songs, that's why i remembered like this...?
i don't like The Beatles, because i don't like their singing even i understand they composed many good songs... if they could sing like Gandalf, i might like The Beatles too... i hit on this idea...


        2009-02-15       Sowing My Seeds / Gary Farmer

i don't know anything about Gary Farmer... this album was recorded in California between 1979 and 1981... so something remains me Dire Straits... but this album is much more cornball!!! i can't explain well... but i like this kind of "cornball" atmosphere very much!! so i love Swamp too!!!
and i can listen to some synth-keyboard playing on one song, this is like Journey (with Steve Perry)'s sound... but this Gary Farmer's music is not like such boring Journey!! i'mnot sure Gary Farmer liked Journey or not... (i hope "NO"...) anyway his music is really good... Gary Farmer's music is not unique... it means i think i already had listen to melodies that are similar with his music... but is it important music should be so unique? i don't think so... if music is good, that's enough for me!!
i love the front sleeve!!! women's legs in the farm!!! what the great photo is!! this is the reason why i bought this record... hahaha...

Sowing My Seeds

        2009-02-14       Gentle Soul / Gentle Soul

this is the one of my favorite album as "Californian Sunshine Pop"! though this album is so-called one of the Soft Rock album in recently, it's more like Pop for me... i love this kind of Pop album, something is similar with soundtrack or easy-listening music...
especially their beautiful chorus is really beautiful!
i love to listen to this album with reading books on the sunlit verandah...
why isn't there any this kind of beautiful Pop music in recently? all present Pop music are so boring also so bad... is it responsibility of major record companies? maybe yes... but also people who has followed them too... i can't believe so many people really like such boring present Pop music... they just are beguiled by record companies and media... they should understand there are two kind of music, "good" and "bad"...!!!

Gentle Soul

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