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        2008-10-12       Young Idol ! Chaco / Chaco & Hell's Angel

Chaco & Hell's Angel is early 70s Japanese pop garage group (we call 60s &70s japanese garage "Group Sounds" or "GS")... i think they debuted a little too late... though they debuted in 1973, so-called "GS boom" already finished and many groups already broke up then... unfortunately Chaco & Hell's Angel couldn't get any success... because already Flower Travelin' Band, Mops, many japanese rock groups debuted... "GS boom" had totally gone...
basic of their music is totally just pops like same as lots of GS groups. but the parts of their arrangement are more like Art Rock or Prog Rock style!! because all songs were composed and arranged by Makaino Koichi!!! he is so popular composer and arranger for long time also still now. though he composed many big hit songs, his arrangement is always colorful, grandiose, also have a Western air... so i love his arrangement!!! in 1974 when this album was released, he already got success as arranger. but he arranged so strange for Chaco & Hell's Angel's songs... originally he was a keyboard player on one GS group, but they couldn't get success, so he changed to be arranger and composer.
i don't know he tried to arrange like Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock and Prog Rock style that were popular at that time, or not... but i guess maybe we wanted to play something like Rock instead of GS as pops... i guess unfortunately Chaco & Hells Angel were not interested in playing Rock, they wanted to be just pop star, idol, even they named "Hell's Angel"!! hahaha...
my favorite of this album B-4 remains me Country Joe & The Fish (except for vocal!)... a bit... hahaha... also some guitar works remains me Syd's Pink Floyd...! (only a few seconds... hahaha) anyway all intro of each tracks are so good, but when vocal comes i laugh so much... too bad vocal... unbelievable bad!!! anyway i can enjoy even this kind of so bad music with such good & strange arrangement!!

Young Idol ! Chaco


        2008-10-10       Godzundheit / Godz

i like Godz, especially this album that was their last album... of course i like other their albums that are typical Godz sound too!!! anyway genuinely i like this album as a beautiful music... though i know many people who like Godz, they prefer more typical Godz sound that is like damaged psychedelic rock... hummm... but this album is also great for me too even they play more normal... i think this album is much better than any Rolling Stones' records!!! hahaha... (although they play "Jumping Jack Flash" on this album, this version is much better than Rolling Stones' one for me!) i like some songs of Rolling Stones especially when Brian Jones played with them, but i don't like Mick's voice and Keith's guitar... god! i don't like their sounds as bad as Lou Reed's voice even i like Velvet Underground only with John Cale!! sometime i've imagined if Beach Boys got such big success instead of The Beatles at that time, what would happen now...? maybe better? maybe nothing change? but if Godz could get such big success, i'm sure rock/pop scene would be totally different! it seems much better than present!!i have a question, why do so many people like Rolling Stones or The Beatles? why not Godz!!!??? also why do some people like Godz? (including me! so i've asked myself too!) more example, why do some people like so-called experimental music? why don't some people like experimental music? hummm... i'm interested in the point what people decide "like" or "not like"... of course i have both... but i don't know how i decided...i've never thought anything when i decide "like" or "not like"... maybe just by sence, inspiration, impression and something else... then where do these things come from...?
anyway i like Godz without any need for convincing also for no reason!!!



        2008-10-09       Banjo / Billy Faier

i like Billy Faier's banjo playing... this album is called "Banjo" so he plays only banjo no vocals... it was recorded for Takoma Records in 1973. why i like this album... because yjis album is not including any traditional folk songs, all songs were composed by him!! so it's really unique album!! no vocals, no traditional folk music!! so i can know how great sound banjo can make, from this album! this is amazing music by banjo!! Billy Faier started to play banjo in 1940s, and still now he is playing!!! maybe you know his famous album "Travelin' Man"... so people calls him "the best 5 string banjo man"... i like this kind of folk instruments play other music... of course almost records with this idea are so boring... but sometime i can find great records!! if musician knows his instrument, he can play any music!! so i have same idea, i really want to play like symphony by electric guitar with bow... though i've already played something like this, i'd like to play more real symphony!!!
he talked about this album "I think the best music I have played on record is the album BANJO which I did for Takoma in 1973."
this album was reissued on cd too, but B-4 was not included... i don't know why he didn't put it on cd... it's also beautiful track too!!!


        2008-10-08       Sternklang / Kalheinz Stockhausen

maybe you know i've loved Stockhausen since i was 10 or 11 years old before i found rock music... (i wrote about this story with Stockhausen's "Telemusik" on 15th Sep.06) i like this record very much. because this song was composed for 5 groups. there is sub title "Park Music for 5 Groups". each groups have different instruments, some vocals and instruments are modulated by synthesizers! i wanted to know how they set up and played, so i read the notes, 5 groups played in the park, each groups should be able to hear each other, and bura bura bura... i don't care about concept... i'm interested in only just sounds! so i don't know the concept of this song... there are photos when they played in the park, it looks like strange picnic for me! hahaha... but unfortunately this record was recorded at studio in Paris... oh man...!!
anyway this music is so strange for me... like mixture of classical music, ethnic music and something else with electronics and modulation!! when i listened to it so long time ago, i felt like the sound from the berserk radio!!! what the crazy music is!! this is really "freak out" music for me!! (more than Zappa's "Freak Out"!!)
i spoke about Stockhausen a little on Wire magazine #296 (Oct.2008), if you're interested in, please check it out...


        2008-10-07       Vsage, Circles, Sequenza III, Cinque Variazioni / Luciano Berio

i love this album (especially 1st track of side-A "Visage") for long time, since i was maybe 18 or 19 years old... when i bought it at the secondhand record store, i didn't know anything about him. i was just interested in this credit "Visage : for magnetic tape, based on the voice of Cathy Berberian and electronic sounds" on backside of the jacket. when i listened to it first time, i got big shock... from especially Cathy Berberian's so strange vocal... her vocal gave some influence to my music... then i tried to record same atmosphere with this record (i was so stupid! hahaha), so i tried to sing like her with cheap electronics!! but unfortunately my vocal was so bad... hahaha...
anyway i still love this record... it's so great music as prog rock for me! (i guessed 1st track of side-B "Circle" influenced Frank Zappa so much!!) i know many so-called "experimental" musicians sing like her, but nobody can sing like her... normally when i listened to this kind vocal, i felt just boring... because... though Cathy Berberian is really Rock and emotional for me, unfortunately other musicians who try to sing like her (it doesn't matter even they knew her or not) sing always just "style" like typical fuckin' "experimental music"! oh my god!!! their vocals are totally no emotional...
anyway it's one of the greatest record as prog rock for me since i was teenager!!


        2008-10-06       Different Trains - Electric Counterpoint / Steve Reich

i loved Steve Reich's works so much when i was twenties. i went to his concerts as Steve Reich & Musicians in Tokyo (i don't remember which year...1991 or 1992...? maybe it was the first time they played in Japan...), they played 2 nights with totally different programs. so i had to go to both shows!! then i was very poor, but i bought tickets of both concerts and went to Tokyo by cheap midnight bus... i remember one story... although i wanted to buy the concert pamphlet, i didn't have enough money (maybe it was just about 10 or 15 dollars...), so i asked the guy at the merchandise table "i will wire money later, so please send me one copy!" they sent me one copy of the concert pamphlet later...
Steve Reich & Musicians played almost his works at these 2 concerts. i was really enjoyed their concerts... just except for "Different Trains". because this song wasn't played by Kronos Quartet... this song was written for Kronos Quartet, also they recorded it on this CD. when i saw Kronos Quartet in Japan 1990 or 1991(also i don't remember which year...), they played "Different Trains" with tape what they recorded some parts by themselves. i already knew this song from this CD before the Kronos Quartet's concert... anyway i really impressed so much at that time...!! though i still like only some Steve Reich's songs, probably "Different Trains" is my favorite, also i think it's his greatest masterpiece for me!!! i was really interested in his method of composing for this song. he picked up same notes from the words that recorded as interview, also from the sound of trains and locomotive horn too. these melodies cross each others and make new melodies... this is a kind of typical Steve Reich's gimmick!! when i record especially overdubbed, i found some new melodies from crossing some sounds, then i overdubbed these melodies what i found... it's like similar thing...
probably i've heard this CD more than 200 times already... i listened to "Different Trains" with driving a car too... it's a great driving music for me, i prefer "Different Trains" to Kraftwerk's "Autobahn"!!!

Different Trains

        2008-10-05       An Old Time Southern Mountain String Band / The Iron Mountain Band

i didn't know anything about The Iron Mountain Band... this is field recording in 1956, and it was released from Folkways Records... that's why i bought it... although i'm really interested in country western music, i don't know so much... also it's too difficult to get information about country western records around me... of course i may be able to find the list of so-called "country western records best 100" by some japanese music writers... but i'd like to know country western music that i like with my mind... probably it seems different from country western music writers minds... anyway i really like early recordings of country western music... i feel like "music is in close contact with daily life" from these early field recordings... singing and playing are so amazing nice!! it is so far away from rock for me... rock is a kind of illusion... i also play rock, so probably i really like this kind of music...
i don't know how american people feel when they listen to it... they are interested in or not...? when the great cd box "Anthology Of American Folk Music" was released, i believed many people would discover american old folk music... i think probably this was one of the roots of american rock, so it's a good way to know it... unfortunately japanese traditional folk music is so far from rock... so i'm not so interested in japanese traditional folk music, even i have listened to many field recordings... i'm interested in only traditional folk music from north-side of japan... the sound is like blues for me... although many japanese music listeners like traditional folk music from Okinawa (south-side of Japan), it's too tropical... so it's no meaning nothing for me... but i'm interested in just some early recordings that is really different sound from other Okinawan music...
if i was born in US as an american guy, i might play like this kind of country western music...? hummm... maybe "No"... but i'd like to play so downer country western music with bad playing that i've never listened to before even i'm not an american guy... maybe it'll happen soon...

An Old Time Southern Mountain String Band

        2008-10-02       Jazz Guitar Bach / Andre Benichou and His Well-Tempered Three

i'm interested in many records from Nonesuch Records. they released many great recordings of medieval music, ethnic music and contemporary music! so i picked up this record when i found it at one store on last US tour... also i like kind of "bad jazz" like "Ragas and Reflections / Indo Jazzmen" (i wrote about it on 16th Jan.06) and something like classical music by jazz style... but always i have no idea what mean this kind of records have...??? hummm... maybe it is just for easy listening for people...? and it was just a kind of "easy way" to make so-called "new music" for musicians...?
unfortunately there is nothing as appeal of jazz, no swing, no interplay on this record!! it looks just the guitarist wanted to play Bach with his jazz trio... the bassist plays only like bass part of original Bach's music, not like typical jazz bass... but drummer plays so-called swing drumming... also i don't prefer Bach's music so much... what band music is!!! hahaha...
i bought it by only $1.00... so there are many scratches on both sides, especially side-B!! the music was arranged to like "cut-up" or "collage" by so many scratches!!! i enjoyed this record just as strange cut-up music!! hahaha! of course this cut-up record means there is only one in the world!! although i hate so much scratches on vinyls, in this case i can enjoy music with lots of scratches!! hahaha...

Jazz Guitar Bach

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