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        2008-09-29       Speak No Evil / Buddy Rich and The Big Band Machine

i like Buddy Rich's drumming very much as the root of rock drumming also perfect rock drumming!! his drumming evoked Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice for me... Ian Paice is one of my favorite drummer, so of course i like Buddy Rich too!! (i wrote about it on "The Roar Of '74 / Buddy Rich" 19th Sep. 06 too...) but on this record what was released in 1976, he plays soul & funk music... probably it was a vogue at that time... though unfortunately i can't listen to his amazing drumming on this record so much, i like this kind of fusion like jazz funk... i like so-called 70s disco music like the TV program Soul Train!! hahaha...
the front jacket is like typical image of this kind of disco records!! i love it!! and backside is really funny, Buddy Rich wears like Karate costume with kung-fu weapon nunchaku!! what kind of image is it??
anyway it is better to listen to this kind of different music after playing such loud music as Acid Mothers Kaidan in last weekend...


        2008-09-13       White Rabbit / George Benson

of course you know George Benson got such big success by his big hit album "Breezin" in 1976.. but i like George Benson as one jazz guitarist... this album was released in 1971, before he changed his music to more Fusion and Black Contemporary... he was well known as a great jazz guitarist who was the best Wes Montgomery follower.
he covered Jefferson Airplane's song "White Rabbit", Mamas & Papas' song "California Dreaming" with spanish guitar!! i like this kind of "bad jazz" that is called by snobby jazz fans!! hahaha... this kind of jazz is a bit similar to Easy Listening music... yes, i love EasyListening music as "bad music" too!! why bad!? Herbie Habcock, Ron Carter, Billy Cobham, Airto, Jay Berliner, etc... line-up looks so gorgeous as "bad jazz"!! (i don't like these musicians' music...) this is neither "cool" nor "warm" (i love Warne Marsh!!)... this is "lukewarm"!!
although i'm not interested in playing Bebap or kind of standard jazz, i'd like to play "lukewarm" in one day... but i'm sure i won't get any success like George Benson! hahaha...

white rabbit

        2008-09-12       Kantata / Kolinda

Kolinda is a trad folk group from Hungary. this is their fist album in 1976.
i like Hungarian music, their music is so powerful!... and i like maybe you know very famous Hungarian trad folk group Muzsikas. it was my first Hungarian trad band that i bought Hungarian trad folk record... also of curse i love Bela Bartok too even not trad music!!!though they are the well-known hungarian trad group in japan, especially prog rock fans know their recently albums after reunion... (japanese prog rock fans love irregular meter too much!! they always talk about there is irregular meter or not in any music!! if they found irregular meter, they tried to like this music even music is so shit!! it's so stupid way for me...) their recently sound is like very sophisticated acoustic prog rock... but their early days, their sound was more wild and powerful even originally also delicate... this is very different point from Mediterranean trad folk music for me... so i feel this music is really Rock!!!
and their vocals are so beautiful!!! it impressed me!! i really love beautiful melody and beautiful vocals!! i'm sure music should be such beautiful even so-called experimental music... that's why i don't like recently experimental music, there is not any beautiful things at all... it means it's just sound, not music for me... , if even just ringing sound has any beautiful vibration, it means this is music for me!!


        2008-09-08       Un Bal Renaissance / Melisine et La maurache

this record is a collaboration of 2 french trad group Melisine and La maurache. they playRenaissance music with old instruments. this is amazing beautiful music!! but neither like my favorite medieval music groups Studio der Furuhen Music that play really divine beauty nor the most unique medieval music group Clemencic Concort that play really unconventional... their playing make me imagine the medieval musicians might play like them...
their sound is like coming from so far away... not recently modern atmosphere, but not so stoic, more like general-interest... so i feel this is quite good and beautiful acid folk album for me. it's a bit difficult to find this kind of beautiful trad records that has really good balance between medieval music and folk music... in almost case, trad group play too much technical looks like they want to show how good technic they have, medieval group play too firm with musical score...
there is one criterion of judgement to buy trad also medieval music records at store for me, if i can see musicians' faces on the sleeve. if their looks are like hippies or dress up medieval costume, i take it! because i can guess their mind may similar to Rock...so i believed their music would be good for me!! but you know, many western people (especially Mediterranean people) have long hair and beards generally than asian people... so i found it was not necessarily right of criterion of judgement... hahaha...

Un Bal Renaissance

        2008-09-07       The Planet / Sir Adrian Boult

Sir Adrian Boult is the important conductor about Holst's The Planet.
he conducted this suit as giving a trial performance in 1918. also he conducted it as giving the first public performance in 1919. and he recorded this album in 1978.
yesterday i listened to Holst conducts The Planets... hummm... i'm sure i prefer Holst's playing!!! Sir Adrian Boult's conducting makes me feel like 50s or 60s movie soundtrack... too mellow, too soft, not enough power, not enough cold!!! especially i believe the sound of "Mars" must be cold!!!
anyway this sleeve design is amazing!!! hahaha... i really love it!!! it looks like not contemporary music, looks like 70s B movie soundtrack!! hahaha... maybe the producer or designer could feel like me that his conducting was like B movie soundtrack!???
anyway i don't need any more Holst's The Planet records... because i have Holst's conducting and Sir Adrian Boult's conducting both!

The Planet

        2008-09-06       Holst Conducts Holst - The Planets - / Gustav Holst

i'm interested in recording of conducting by composers. because it means this version is original... this recording session was second time for him... first recording session was in 1923, then there were so many problems of recording with bot enough recording system and technology... this album was recorded in 1926, recording system became better, even not enough to be perfect... so probably he couldn't be dissatisfied playing and recording... but this version is much powerful than any other versions by even so-called great conductors...
i found this suite by King Crimson... when i was 15 years old, i read they covered "Mars" in their early days on a book of King Crimson's history. (they recorded it as a part of "The Devil's Triangle" on "In The Wake Of Poseidon") i've listened to King Crimson's Mars from some bootleg, it was so cool!!! but i prefer this Holst version!! this version is totally Heavy Rock for me!!! i wanted to see a concert by his conducting... i guessthe sound was much more powerful and heavy than this recording...
i bought this record maybe 20 years ago, and i've listened to it more than 100 times... when i got this, i sold all other The Planets records... because i want to keep just best one! but i bought another The Planets record on US tour 2007. because i was so interested in the sleeve (fuckin' cool!!) and that conductor... i'm going to listen to it tomorrow...

holst conducts The Planets

        2008-09-02       Tahiti Coco E.P. / Aquaserge

this is the first release of the french band Aquaserge. the guitarist Benjamin Glibert and the bassist Audrey Ginestet are from Ueh. the keyboard player Julien Gasc plays as the support member of Stereolab and the drummer Julien Barbagallo is from Axe Riverboy, Lecube. their sound is like soundtrack of 60s or early 70s European B movies!! (but they didn't want to agree it...) it's really cool music! really good record!!! but why so bad jacket!???? nobody can imagine their music from this jacket design!!! if they put typical B movies images like naked woman's photos, it would be more successful!! probably more people may pick it up at the store...
their sound makes me feel so much French... like jazz rock meets back track of Serge Gainsbourg!!
anyway i recommend it as really good new French psychedelic rock!!!

Tahiti Coco E.P.

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