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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2008-07-10       Gazeuse! / Gong

maybe you know... Daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Steve Hillage, Tim Blake... important persons in Daevid Allen's Gong were not on this album. this is the first album that the drummer Pierre Moerlan led the band... the band totally changed from psychedelic prog rock group to percussive jazz rock group. they have 4 percussionists!! so some parts remain me a kind of minimal music like a bit Steve Reich's works or a bit African music... although winds player Didier Malherbe still plays on this album, their music futures so much percussion! and Allan Holdsworth plays too, but i'm not so interested in his guitar playing always... (even Soft Machine, UK...) unfortunately his guitar is totally pointless for me even i agree some people said me his guitar work was very unique... the new bassist Francis Moze is well known as Magma's original bassist...
why am i listening to this album now? i bought this album earlier than any Daevid Allen's Gong's albums when i was a teenager... then i didn't know any Gong's discography... i just found it at the record store... that's all!! when i listened to it, i felt so strange... because i read some disc reviews of Daevid Allen's Gong's albums on the magazine. i was really interested, so i went to the record store to get any Gong's album!! but... there was no vocals! no synthesizer!!! hahaha... what a stupid boy i was!!!
anyway it was my funny memory about Gong... but then i spent a kind of big money for me... (i was a poor teenager... records were so expensive for me!) anyway i tried to fins any parts what i like, and i tried to like this music then!! i liked at least this percussion ensemble...
i hadn't heard Pierre Moerlen's Gong's music for long time, maybe more than 20 years!! but suddenly i wanted to listen to it again...!! hummm... still i feel that i'm interested in only percussion ensemble and Didier Malherbe's flute playing, like same as my first impression when i was a teenager...



        2008-07-09       Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Emerson, Lake & Palmer

finally Speed Guru's time is back!!
i had been so busy from March when AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s US tour started... JNMF European tour, AMT & TCI's recording, Terrastock 7, AMT & TCI's Hokkaido tour and JNMF Japan tour... anyway finally i found a bit enough time to write Speed Guru's time now!

i love Emerson, Lake & Palmer as one of the great heavy rock group!! i think EL&P is not prog rock group... of course they were called the one of the prog rock originator, i agree it... but i like their music as the great heavy rock!!
track #1 "The Barbarian" is very emotional track for me!! Greg Lake's fuzz bass, Keith Emerson's heavy organ sound, Carl Palmer's amazing speedy and powerful drumming!! it looks perfect as the great heavy rock sounds!!! also i love Greg Lake's lyrical singing, it isquite a contrast to their heavy sounds! and Keith Emerson's gorgeous piano playing is very sweet and mellow, it's so beautiful contrast too!!
i think more people who loves heavy rock should reappraise EL&P's music!!!

Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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