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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2008-01-20       Shiawase No Kashi / Moon Mama

Moon Mama is the name of Pikachu's accompanying herself solo. Pikachu is well known as the drummer of Afrirampo, also she has joined Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno since Western Japan tour in last summer. she released this solo cdr from her label Moon Light Records in last December when Moon Mama had Japan tour at that time. you can find her other faces from Afrirampo, more like just as one young woman from this album. she sings and plays guitar, also plays drums on only one track as drums solo. so this is almost her folk album, the sound is really cosmic motherly love!!
especially i was really impressed by one song "Okaasan (Mama)"... she sings "mama,mama, i saw a dream that you died in yesterday... when i woke up in the morning, i had watery eyes until my pillow got wet with tears... and my tears made me cry again... i love you mama, i love you mama... it's a little difficult to sing this song... but i should sing this song... i wish children in the whole world sing this song... i love you mama, i love you mama..." right, almost Japanese people don't say "i love you" to anyone in their family, even their parents, even their children, also even wife or husband... and they don't touch with each others, no shake of the hand, no hug, no kiss, this is typical our Japanese custom. it's totally different from Western custom... so i guess singing this song was courageous action for her... but probably she loves her mama much more than her sense of shame or her identity with Japanese custom...
i enjoy talking with her, always i was surprised and impressed by her flabbergasting thinking and unique philosophy... i doubt she might come from another world or outer space...? anyway i can enjoy her singing with such pure mind from this album... maybe many people has been faded away this kind of pure mind by their social livings...
she wrote my name on the sleeve of my disc as superscription... probably someone who is like a rare record mania will say this is damaged jacket!!... hahaha... this kind of people totally has been faded away his pure mind!!

Shiawase no kashi


        2008-01-19       The Square Root of Two / Night Shadow

although Night Shadow are one of the longest garage band from 50's, i know only this bootleg cd... (i think their compilation albums "vol.1" ~ "vol.3"has been released...) anyway this album is quit good psychedelic garage sound!
i like their great cheap playing with many strange collage that remains me Os Mutantes or Mothers of Invention... also only one track "I Can't Believe" is more longer than 9 minutes including so long cheap fuzz guitar solo...
i like this kind of collage and effects on the albums... when i was 12 or 13 years old, i loved the middle part of Zep's "Whole Lotta Love" in all of their songs... so when i covered this song, we played just short part of riff and so long this middle part!! hahaha... maybe this is errant listening style...? but anyway i was really interested and liked Stockhausen's music concrete at that time... so it was normal for me...
this is one of the masterpiece for me... the great garage punk meets psychedelic collage!!

The Suare Root Of Two

        2008-01-18       Electri City / Michael Bundt

Michael Bundt was the bassist of German prog-rock bands Medusa and Nine Days Wonder. after these group, he changed to play keybords as solo. this is his third album in 1981, it's quit good album that electronics meets rock, even i felt a bit 80's atmosphere... so-called "electro music" in early 80's makes me a bit boring... because too mechanical atmosphere... like robots play these music... of course i understand these musicians tried to play like robots or aliens from other planets... also Michael Bundt said he came from outer space too... but i guess Michael Bundt couldn't be such alien... however even Gong who came from Planet Gong, their music is not like aliens' music...
the sound of this album is really nostalgic cheap electro-rock! and there is collage of woman's ecstasy voice on fast-forward... the sound like cheap easy listening music!! hahaha... but i love it!!!
anyway this is typical prog-rock and kraut rock burnout! many prog-rock and kraut rock musicians started to play this kind of music from late 70's or early 80's... although i understand this kind of music is not great, i love it so much!!!
by the way if robots or aliens from other planet play music, what kind of music will they play??? i'm sure they won't play this kind of electro-rock!! because this is typical illusional sound by human who likes such science fiction...

electri city

        2008-01-02       The Legend Of The Dreamstones / Shide & Acorn

happy new year!
i was quit busy even christomas and new year holiday... and still busy now for the recording for AMT &TMP U.F.O.'s new albums... i decided one thing in the new year "i am not going to have any rest until die! when i'll die, finally i'll enjoy holidays in the hell or heaven!"
Shide & Acorn is well known as the british folk rock band by "Under The Tree" that was released in 1971. this album is compilation of their earlyn demo recordings in 1969. these tracks are more psychedelic rock style than british folk style... of course the recording quality is not good, it means i love it!! hahaha...!! anyway their sound is really cool psychedelic, especially 1st track remains me early Quicksilver Messenger Service!! also some folky tunes are really dreamy and beautiful!! i can enjoy hard songs and folky songs both on this album!! i may prefer it to their folk albums...
anyway Kissing Spell has reissued so many great folk records!! i'm really grateful their great job!!

The Legend Of The Dreamstones

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