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Kawabata Makoto
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        2007-12-17       Suuto Breakor / Afrirampo

i got this Afrirampo's new album from Pikachu when we played together as the trio with Tsuyama in last October... it was just before AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s last European tour... so when i came back from European tour and AMT Festival vol.6 in Nagoya, finally i played this album in my temple... what the greatest album is!!!! i chose this album as the best album in the year!! "Suuto Breakor" mean really psychedelic words, it means "if you smoke, abandon all ceremony!" hahaha... Afrirampo put only one long track (42 minutes) on this album. (even they put track numbers...) a part of this long song "Suuto Breakor" is well known as one household song at their recently shows... anyway this album is like Afrirampo's trip opera or psychedelic suit!! they don't play hard and hysterical like usual Afrirampo on this album... very floating, ritual and spacy!!! i guess one reason why they changed their sound, because Oni was made pregnant (she gave a birth already...), so this album has full of maternal love...???
at this moment they are no longer in business, but they will re-start to play from next February. i'm really looking forward to see Afrirampo as soon as possible!!! they may really geniuses, they are really natural and pure!! i can't imagine what kind of music they will play in future... maybe they are really cosmic women!!??
i'm sure their many young fans were disappointed with this album, because they don't play like hard-core style in this time... so what???? i think Oni and Pikachu don't care about this kind of stupid thing... they just play music what they want to play!!! Afrirampo have endless possibility of creativity!! this album may be just the first point of their infinity cosmic trip!?

Suuto Breakor

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