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        2007-10-05       Ravel Bolero / Lorin Maazel

usually when i buy classical music (including contemporary music) records, i choose by composer or conductor... but when i bought this Revel's Bolero record, i took it why i loved this front sleeve!! of course i know Bolero, i don't know this conductor Lorin Maazel... but it doesn't matter!! this naked woman photo is so nice!!! why bad!!??
i understand why so-called "easy listening" and "lounge music" use lots of naked women's photos for the front sleeve!! but why does so-called "refined"classical music need to put any erotic atmosphere for the sleeve? maybe this is as a last resort by the record company?
anyway i can enjoy the music with imagination what the naked women dance with Bolero!! hahaha... what the cheap imagination is!! probably i should play guitar solo like Ritchie Blackmore on "Deep Purple & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra"!!??

Ravel Bolero


        2007-10-04       Journey To The Lord Of Power / The Halveti-Jerrahi Dhikr

this is the one of what is called Sufi mystic music. this is well known as one of the real trance music in the world... when i discovered Sufi music (maybe 19 or 20 years old), i wanted to know what made people trance from their music... at that time Tangerine Dream made me trance more than any ethnic music... i already understood any ethnic music had meaning only for local people also only they could understand their effects. so it didn't matter i couldn't understand Sufi music's effects... i think probably i don't understand their true musical effects still now... i just enjoy it as "music"... anyway i'm so interested in their minimal deeply homophony chorus very much!! although something is similar with Buddhism chants a bit, also something is similar with European polyphony a bit too... ancient people knew human voices had so strong power...??? if these Sufi singers will play with Tibetan Buddhism chants and Sardinian polyphony, what kind music can we listen to!!?? if the bworld will be "religious boderless", we can listen to more great fusion music!? also it'll be more peaceful world! why do any believers have so much big proud about own religion? if they believe their religions, that's enough... why do they need to mind also attack other religions? i think these are not religions, the true religion should be just personal. the true religion doesn't need mind any others... because each believers totally believe it! not true religions are just brain washing, so they have to make believers believe more and more...(they worry believers may discover they are not true religions!) people still doesn't know there is the true religion inside of each person's hearts...???

Journey To The Lord Of Power

        2007-10-03       The Dry Branch String Band / The Dry Branch String Band

i don't know anything about The Dry Branch String Band... there is no information on the sleeve... there is only liner note about songs. it was released from Postmark Records... hummm... i'm sure it's a local small label... but i really like to find and buy unknown local country and folk musicians' records even i don't know anything about them. this is a kind of game or gamble for me... so even i bought so boring record, i don't regret so much... i enjoy playing my game! of course if i could find good records, it's big pleasure!!
The Dry Branch String Band's this record is quit good!! especially fiddle playing is amazing!!...very freak out!! i like this kind of "bad" playing on country music! because usually country also traditional music players can play so well... it's quit difficult to find so good "bad" player!! i guess they are just local musicians, maybe just childhood friends? i'm sure there are many unknown good "bad" country music records in USA!! but how can i find them??? there is only one way that i should buy records one by one what i saw at the record stores!!?? but this is my pleasure, this is my game!! i don't like check out any catalogs by some famous writers. always when i could discover the great records what i didn't know, i felt so much pleasure also fate too! i'd like to enjoy the process to discover the great music too!! record shopping is "a once-in-a-lifetime chance" for me!! i don't want to miss any chance to discover unknown great music, so i spend so much money for a tons of unknown records at the record stores! surely i'm so stupid!! hahaha... but why bad!? i could listen to this record right now!!

The Dry Branch String Band

        2007-10-02       Klange Fra Danmark's Bronzealder-Lurer / Palmer Traulsen & G.A. Wilkenschildt

when i found this record "Music Blown On Lurs From The Danish Bronze Age", i was so surprised! because music from the Danish Bronze Age!!?? how long time ago is Bronze Age!?? about 500 B.C.!! how could people know so old music!?? Lur is a kind of wind instruments... maybe you've seen this kind of instruments on the film like "Ben Hur"!! two lur players play like theme of ceremony on this record!! hummm... i doubt truth of this music from the Danish Bronze Age... i'm really interested in archeological mystic stories... because my curiosity makes me really want to know just truth!!! when i was younger, i always imaged and thought what the truth was... but how could i know truth...?
although archeological mystic stories interest me in knowing truth, this music is not like that... probably i doubt too much! hahahaha... but this music is very unique, especially some parts that is like free improvisation! also the music is very simplicity, it's very different from flourish of trumpets what we know!! a flourish of trumpets is so powerful for me, so i don't prefer it... but this sissy simplicity is appealing for me... so i like it!! maybe this is same as i like Lester Young and Stan Getz as so sissy saxophone player...!!

Klange Fra Danmark’s Bronzealder-Lurer

        2007-10-01       Spirit Alive / The Monks of Weston Priory

i wrote i was interested in many religional music, before... i have such a big collection of the religious music... "Spirit Alive"... always this kind of title makes me laugh and enjoy a lot! by the way, why are there so many religious records in USA? also almost religious records except for gospel are sounds so nice for me!! (i can't hear lyrics, i just mind only music! it's typical my style!) i like this record very much as a good strange folk album!! it reminds me of J.A. Cesar (ex.Tenjosajiki, Banyuinryoku)!! of course monks sing in chorus on this record, although a bit strange melody!! this is typical J.A. Cesar's musical style! also monk's solo singing reminds me of my favorite acid folk singer Damon! i can enjoy it as a bizarre folk album!!
i like the photos on the front and back sleeves! their costumes have real meaning, it's not same meaning as any rock or folk groups even they wear like religional costumes! sometime serious thing makes me laugh... so i love this kind of records!!

Spirit Alive

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