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        2007-09-30       Texas-Mexican Border Music vol.2 Corridos part 1 : 1930 - 1934 / V.A.

i'm very interested in ethnic music especially old recordings... because probably these are more pure than recently recordings... players on this record are Trovadores Regionales, Hermanos Sanchez & Linares, Hermanos Banuelos, Pedro Rocha & Lupe Martinez, S. Ramos & D. Ramirez and Nacho & Justio. of course i don't know anything about them, and i don't know about this kind of music so much. i'm just interested in listening to any old american music!
"corridos" is the ballads of Mexicans and Mexican Americans. this music is not so much rhythmical, it's full of atmosphere like Spanish ballads... but vocals are very different from European ballads...more calm! i always feel this kind of peaceful atmosphere from old american music... European ballads are more emotional for me... although i like both, i can enjoy this recording as the one of the most peaceful music. i don't prefer some american roots music like Zydeco, Cajun Music, Gospel, etc... because too sweltering for me!
when did music lose this kind of atmosphere? especially lately music is just loud, sweltering and argument!! this music remains me music is for people!!

Texas-Mexican Border Music vol.2


        2007-09-27       There & Back / Jeff Beck

when this album was released in 1980, i and my friend were so excited, and listend to it many times together!! because all songs were like self cover or parody of his past works with synthesized bass sounds! it was more "Spacy Beck" for us!! we listened to this album as the one of the space rock album at that time!!
i like Jeff Beck as "rock guitarist"! even he changed his sound to more like "cross over" "fusion"... always his music is just "rock"!!! not same atmosphere with boring "fusion"... his guitar playing is always so "rock" even musical style was changed! also his looks is always same for a long time!! even Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore and many rock guitarists' looks changed so much (getting older, become just old guys and lost rock sprits year by year...)!! why??? there is a very famous story he doesn't care any fashion, he doesn't want to be like "rock star"!!! because he said if he wanted to be a rock star it would be easy... but i meaned he would become just a commodity... he said he was interested in only looking for the peak of his guitar playing!! he is really "eternal rock guitarist"!!
he devised many revolutionary unique guitar playing!! he is much revolutionary guitarist than so-called the most legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix for me!! i'm sure Jeff Beck is more genius than Jimi!! can you imagine what kind of music Jimi would play if he could alive still now!? i can guess Jimi might play like Santana or more boring "fusion" or soul & funk music without his symbolical gimmicky guitar playing...? if Eric Clapton died when he was the guitarst of Cream, and if Jimi would still alive... can you imagine what people would appreciate about them? probably it would be the opposite result... Eric Clapton would be the most legendary guitarist and Jimi would be not legendary guitarist...
anyway Jeff Beck is still playing his rock with extreme revolutionary guitar playing!! i respect him as an eternal rock guitarist!!!

There & Back

        2007-09-24       The Voice And Harp Of Harvi Griffin / Harvi Griffin

Harvi Griffin is a jazz harpist. but...what is jazz? Harvi Griffin plays "Satin Doll, "Misty", "Shadow Of Your Smile","Watch What Happens" also "Lara's Theme (from Doctor Zhivago)", "Never On Sunday" and "Greensleeves"!! probably so-called jazz fans say this album is not jazz, just easy listening or pops!! but i love this kind of "trash jazz" what lots of jazz fans call... why do so-called jazz fans and jazz maniacs hate it? probably they want to pretend to know everything about jazz!? mamma mia! i think this kind of maniacs make music kill!! always this kind of maniacs want to talk like this "Do you know this record?" "Do you know this musician?" if i answer them "Yes"... they start to talk to me so much their knowledge about this record and musician... if i answer them "No"... always they are so surprised (but they are not surprised in their mind...just a pose!) and they ask me again "Why don't you know it!? You must know it!!" then they start to talk to me so much their knowledge about this record and musician... it means results are same... mamma mia!! just they want to show their knowledge!! if they are writers of music magazines, it's the worst case!! they write too much logic (even musicians have never thought like this when they play their music!) and they're proud of their knowledge about music... they want to decide value of music!! of course they are influential, people are greatly influenced by their words!!
i like this record as one of the good jazz for me even almost people don't think so... i feel this is "beautiful music", why bad? anyway i don't like jazz maniacs also so-called jazz musicians who speak heatedly about "cool" jazz at the bar!!

The Voice And Harp Of Harvi Griffin

        2007-09-23       Play And Sing The Songs Of The Beach Boys / 101 Strings Orchestra

i love The Beach Boys very much! they are the one of my favorite band!! and i like some records of 101 Strings Orchestra! this is the one of the best their record for me... although Alshire Singers sing with them, their cheap chorus creates so bad social club atmosphere!! hahaha...!! even they sing the Beach Boys' songs, the music is totally different from the Beach Boys!! there is no madness what The Beach Boys' chorus has!!! that's why...there isn't such crazy falsetto that is typical The Beach Boys' chorus!! Alshire Singers sing too chic...!
also 101 Strings Orchestra play like so cheap mood music!! so this record's atmosphere is like the sound track of a bad musical in 60s!! hahaha... why so different even they play same songs with The Beach Boys!? although i really love Francis Lai's beautiful sound tracks, also this record is totally different too!! Francis Lai's music is more ennui and erotic...
so this record tought me the most important thing of The Beach Boys' music was their crazy chorus with that falsetto once more...!!
we sing the fake Beach Boys' chorus on next our album "Acid otherly Love"!! probably many people will be surprised why AMT & TMP U.F.O. play like this! hahaha... but The Beach Boys' chorus is the one of the craziest music for me!! always their chorus blows my mind!!
by the way i tell why i like this record, this is one of the "bad music"... so i can enjoy it too!!

Play And Sing The Songs Of The Beach Boys

        2007-09-22       Rides Again / James Gang

when i was a low teenager, i listened to many hard rock albums...because i wanted to know the hardest band (not heaviest!)... i listend to James Gang for the first time then. but i didn't feel so much thing from their music, because their music was too restrained for me at that time, even they were called "hard rock band". also i knew only about them Joe Walsh and Tommy Bolin were guitarists of James Gang. of course Joe Walsh already joined Eagles and Tommy Bolin already died when i listened to James Gang for the first time. it made me have not so good image to them, i'd listened to only Hotel California as Joe Walsh's work and Last Concert In Japan as Tommy Bolin's work then...
since then i'd totally forgotten about James Gang... even i saw their records at the stores, i was not interested in them... because i had not good image to them... when i listened to this album at my friend's flat in last spring, i asked him what this so cool record was! mamma mia! i lost about 30 years why i'd never listened to this so cool rock'n'roll!!! always i tried to re-discover any records what i was not interested when i listened for the first time, but why i didn't try to listen to James Gang again!!... just by prejudice and my first bad impression...
now i'm looking forward to re-discover more good records without any prejudice and my first bad impression... there're so many good music in the world!!

Rides Again

        2007-09-21       Ballads / Andrew Rowan Summers

i'm really interested in American roots music and Country music in these years. unfortunately i don't know so much about Andrew Rowan Summers, and there is no liner-notes inside of the sleeve (i guess the last owner of this record lost it!)... so i can know just music from this record!
his singing is amazing also dulcimer playing too! his sound is like really troubadour!! i was looking for this kind of the greatest folk music for a long time!! and all melody is like European ballads, or chanson also fado!! this is so great music!! I felt a touch of pathos in his music!! There isn't anything pushy about his singing!! even i can't understand the lyrics, it doesn't matter! because his singing has so much good beautiful vibration! this is the real great singing for me!! some people talked about only lyrics "lyrics is the most important...bura bura bura...!" hahaha... i think it's so stupid! they can't understand what the great singing is! anyway in the biginning there was music!! even people can't understand lyrics, at least good music can impress people by only sound!!
this is the one of my favorite folk album in my life!


        2007-09-20       The League Of Gentlemen / Robert Fripp

when i listened to some songs of this album first time from radio before it was released, i loved them so much!! of course i bought this album on that day when it was just come out!!
i read Robert Fripp's interview at that time, he said this album was his disco album (he called "Discotronics")!! but who could dance with this music at that time? even Fripp always sits at the shows, you know...!? and there was a rumor that this erotic vice was by Deborah Harry...
anyway i loved this sound so much! (also i was so big Fripp fun like a Fripp believer at that time...) then i felt some same atmosphere with my music, so i believed that i had synchronicity with him...! what a stupid boy i was!! at that time i already started to play drone music, also Fripp played his ambient guitar works "Frippertronics" too... and i played like pulse with rock band, he played this "Discotronics" too... anyway this album is very memorial and nostalgic for me... and i liked voice collage on this album too... of course i recorded same way too! hahaha... but i didn't like "Discipline" that was released after this album under the name of King Crimson...(Fripp's first idea of the name was not King Crimson, it was Discipline.) because it was more completed... also no Barry Andrews! i love his keyboad playing since XTC...! his keyboad playing is the most important on this album for me!! because although Barry Andrews' playing is really Rock, Fripp's guitar doesn't have any Rock spirit (so i don't like his guitar now!)... but this is disco album, so even his guitar has no Rock spirit, it's not so big problem!?
anyway this is my last favorite Robert Fripp's work...

The League Of Gentlemen

        2007-09-19       Light Upon Light / Do'a

Do'a are Randy Armstrong (guitar, etc) and Ken LaRoche (flute,etc) from New Hampshire. their music is like folk meets prog rock by acoustic and ethnic instruments... they use acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, mandolin, harp, vibes, rosewood xylophone, bells, schruti box, flutes, recorders, panpipes, ocaria, bansri, kalimba, harmonium, piano, percussion, also special tape effects on this their 1st album!! i guess they play more like New Age or Jazz scene, but at least this their 1st album is not like New Age nor Jazz... more folk and prog rock (even they don't have bass and drums!) style... beautiful guitar works and wood winds!! what is difference between their music and New Age (or this kind of boring Easy Listening Music)...? i feel some Rock spirit from this album even they don't care it... but i think their music lost Rock spirit year by year (also they changed the name "Do'ah World Music Ensemble", and more members joined!)... it may be the way to such boring Easy Listening Music!! anyway this album is very beautiful ethnic folk for me!! but i understand many people prefer such boring Easy Listening Music to this ethnic folk... why does people prefer "beautiful" "spiritual" such boring Easy Listening Music to the real good music!? maybe this beautiful record was a miracle by accident for Do'a...?
they changed the name to Do'ah, because many people confused with DOA (Dead Or Alive)!! hahaha...

Light Upon Light

        2007-09-18       Introducing The Doobie Brothers / The Doobie Brothers

i love The Doobie Brothers when i was a junior high school boy maybe 13 years old... i don't know why i had to taken to their music at that time, even i prefered more hard rock and prog rock then... i like their music even after Michael McDonald joined them...
this is their first recording in 1970 before their 1st album. of course they already played Doobies' sounds!!! but the sound is more floating, more psychedelic atmosphere than 1st album!!! especially i like "Blue Jay" "Make It Easy" "Quicksilver Princess", so beautiful vocals and cool guitar works!
when i recorded "The Beautiful Blue Extacy (Have You Seen The Blue Sky?)" on AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s 4CD box "The Penultimate Galactic Bordello Also The World You Made", i imagined Doobies and G.Dead... i really enjoy playing this kind of cool psychedelic style without fuzz wah... i can feel and see the blue sky and white clouds when i play guitar!! (when i play guitar drone, i can see and feel the midnight sea and moonshine!)
these their demo tracks has been reissued as CD "Make It Easy" with 5 bonus tracks, too!

Introducing The Doobie Brothers

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