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        2007-07-19       In Through the Out Door / Led Zeppelin

this is my favorite L.Zep's album!! especially i really love side-B!!! "Carouselambra" and "All my love" are my favorite songs!!! L.Zep finished why Bonzo died, it was on the tour just after it was released... so we can't know where L.Zep would go after they were back with this album... this is their last album also the new Zep's 1st album for me. when it was released (i was 14 years old!), i and my friends were so excited. but when we listened to some songs from radio, my friends were so disappointed, because they changed the musical style, they featured J.P. Jones' keyboad playing, while Jimmy Page's guitar playing was much less than before... because they believed L.Zep is the hard rock group! they wanted to listened to full of Jimmy Page's guitar riffs and solo! but i've thought L.Zep was not just a hard rock group, they were like a post-Beatles for me. (Deep Purple is the typical hard rock group for me!) so i could understand why they changed the sounds, also they already changed it when they released their 3rd album! i read Jimmy Page's interview at that time, he said he wanted to be the great producer, not legendary guitarist. i'm sure he was the great producer for L.Zep, he knew how he had to compose and arrange the songs for L.Zep's member... especially he knew how he should arrange the songs for Bonzo's drumming!! anyway i didn't expect any hard rock style album (it means they step back to early L.Zep for me!) at that time, so i really loved this great album even my friends didn't like it! i expected different things to L.Zep from Deep Purple. i wanted to listen to more like "In Rock" style Deep Purple albums, but i felt enough to L.Zep that they already released 2 hard rock albums (1st and 2nd albums)... although i was interested in L.Zep's new way, unfortunately they finished then. i wanted to know what kind of music Jimmy Page wanted to play after this album, so i was interested in Jimmy Page's The Firm with Paul Rodgers also even Coverdale-Page. The firm was ok... it was a kind of blues rock group, but Coverdale-Page disapponted me so much, it was just a fake L.Zep with "David Cover Version ( i saw this name on Robert Plant's interview when the interviewer asked him about David Coverdale..."). i was disapponited a little even Page & Plant... hummm... so L.Zep's music after this album was lost forever with Bonzo... i was so interested in L.Zep's future with much less Jimmy's guitar playing... anyway i could listened to this great album!! Jimmy Page is so clever and really great musician, that's why he knew any guitar heros would lose also be outstripped by some guitarists of new generation in someday, so he might stick to compose great songs (not only guitar solo) and be a producer... finally he could make this great album without his gorgeous guitar playing!!

In Through the Out Door


        2007-07-18       Mirror Man / Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band

Captain Beefheart is the one of the most important musician for me. also Trout Mask Replica is the one of the best 3 rock albums for me!! but probably i've listened to this album Mirror Man more times than Trout Mask Replica... especially "Kandy Korn" is the one of my favorite song that i love it as much as "Frownland" from Trout Mask Replica!! i can't understand how he composed this guitar ensemble, it's so beautiful and strange also complicate!! this guitar ensemble is the one of the most beautiful in all Captain Beefheart's works for me! also there are only long 4 tracks in this album!! when i listened to this part in first time (i was a high school boy), i impressed so much!! i felt this was the most beautiful and strange guitar ensemble in the world!! especially i compared it with King Crimson's new album "Discipline" at that time... of course i prefered it to "Discipline", even i was a super big fan of Robert Fripp then...
still now i really want to look into Captain Beefheart's brain how he got his musical idea and composed his music... needless to say, he is a really genius!!! strangely, his music is not like normal, more experimental... but many people loves his music and considers that his music is great! surely his music is persuasiveness... i think this is the true music!!! i hope to play the true music like him in one day...

Mirror Man

        2007-07-17       Cactus / Cactus

i love Cactus!! this is the one of the best hard rock group for me. especially i love this album that is their 1st album. their rhythm section by Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice is amazing!!! they are the heaviest rhythm section in the whole R&R history!! (so i like Vanilla Fudge, also i love Beck Bogert and Appice too!) and Jim McCarty is well known as the guitarist of Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels. Rusty Day was the vocalist of Amboy Dukes that Ted Nugent played guitar. so it looks like a super group. but their first plan was Tim Bogert, Carmine Appice, Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart!!! if it was happened, what the great band would be!!! anyway i love this album by this lineup! if Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart joined, thier sound would be very different from it... when i listened to it first time, i impressed so much!! this is the one of the perfect of hard rock for me!! especially Jim McCarty's guitar playing excited me very much!! they have Deep Purple's explosive power and L.Zep's heavy rhythm both!!! but they are the american group!!! (i believed they were the british group at that time...) unfortunately the group finished why their vocalist Rasty Day died. but they reunioned with a new vocalist Jimmy Kunes and released the first studio recordng album in 30 years in last year!!! they're really living legend of rock for me!!


        2007-07-16       De Sydfynske Alpedrenge / Solskinsliv

Solskinsliv is the acid folk group from Denmark. i don't know anything about them... i know just this album was released in 1972. they play many instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, violin, vibraphone, piano, flute, contrabass, percussion, drums... but the members have lutes on a photo on the back sleeve!! so i believed they played more like traditional songs or troubadours... (because i couldn't understand credit of some instruments by Danish! for example, drum is "trommer"!!) their music is totally different from anything what i imagined... more like Scandinavian acid folk rock!! anyway their music is so cool!!! they don't use any effects, no echo, no fuzz, no tape reverse!! i love this kind of pure sounds... because it's totally opposit to my music! of course i love trippy music with lots of effects, but if the music doesn't need any effects, it's really great way... especially i think usually acoustic instruments don't need so much effects, these instruments have already beautiful sounds by themselves. while electric instruments have lots of possibility to make many kinds of sounds with effects. so i love electric guitar!! also i love folk music and troubadours!
by the way why did they take lutes on the photo? if they play lutes, i really want to listen to their music with lutes too... and i hope they don't play neither troubadours nor traditional music with lutes... i believe they can play their own folk music with even lutes... because instruments are just tools also the one of means!

De Sydfynske Alpedrenge

        2007-07-15       Vivaldi Lute and Mandolin Concerti / Jorg Faerber conducts Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra

although i don't prefer Baroque music so much, i love Vivaldi's works!! when i was a kid, my mother always played Vivaldi and Beethoven's records at home. (she hated any popular music!) so i remembered these songs and sang them with walking at that time...
always i'm interested in "real playing" about any classical music... of course it's impossible to listen to playing by musicians at that time... we just guess how they played by old instruments with tuning at that time (like a pure temperament)... so i bought this record that Lute and Mandolin play Vovaldi. of course i don't think this record is the real playing of Vivaldi, but i can imagine atmosphere a little... "real playing" means not just reprocucting for me... it's not difficult to reproduct this kind of old music by old instruments and the correct music books also good techinc! "real playing" for me is more including worth and sense of musicians at that time... i guess maybe music had more free and open mind... anyway why do any classical musicians aim at perfection? it's totally opposit way from my musical philosophy... must music be perfect? i don't think so... it's not important that musicians can play perfect or not... i enjoy this record just as an easy baroque music! (i have a compilation LP box set of this series too!) also i can enjoy at least Vivaldi's beautiful melody...

Vivaldi Lute and Mandolin Concerti

        2007-07-14       Some Time In New York City / Plastic Ono Band

i don't like The Beatles, also i don't like even John Lennon. but i like some his albums with Yoko Ono and especially Plastic Ono Band. i heard many Beatles' fans and John's fans hated her why she was a reason The Beatles finished... (i saw the name plate at the record store "Oh No! Yoko"!! hahaha...) when i was a boy (maybe 10 or 11 years old), my friend tought me The Beatles' music. because his brother had many Beatles records... but i was totally not interested in their music. then my friend tough me this was Rock! i didn't know any Rock music at that time, so maybe it was the first time to listen to Rock music in my life... i was so disappointed about what is called Rock then, although i already knew just a word "Rock". (of course i discovered "real" Rock music when i discovered The Who, L.Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd etc... later.)
when i was a high school boy, i heard Plastic Ono Band's songs from radio. i was so impressed with Yoko's screaming!! also i knew John and Yoko made some avant-garde albums too. then i bought them and liked them! i'm sure i like Yoko's voice! so i like Plastic Ono Band too!!
when i started to collect F.Zappa's albums, i bought this album. of course i listened to side-D (live recording with F.Zappa & Mothers) many times at that time. although i loved F.Zappa, i loved Yoko's screaming more than The Mothers playing!!! some people says Yoko is a japanese blush... but i don't think so! originally she was an avant-garde artist, also she was not musician. i think her voicalisation is amazing!! she is the great vocalist for me, and nobody sang like her before her!!(maybe even after her too...?) i bought the bootleg of the complete live recording of this concert too. but i prefer this side-D even John & Yoko with The Mothers' playing is just for less than 20 minutes...
and i like side-A, B and C too. I have a think better of John as a rock musician by this album.
AMT & TMP U.F.O. covered "Scumbag" from this album on the last US tour. and we arranged it to "dischebag" as a new song, also we're recording it now.
i really love Yoko's voice "thank you" at the end of this side-D!! it's amazing voice!! i wanted to install her as our vocalist if possible... hahaha... i know it's impossible! also we don't want to have any problem by her like The Beatles!!

Some Time In New York City

        2007-07-10       Three Mantras / Cabaret Voltaire

it's so nostalgic record for me. when i heard it first time, i was 15 years old. then i was interested in what's called "noise music" like TG, Cabaret Voltaire (Cabs) and something else. (i'm sure they were not "noise" groups, they were more similar with Kraut Rock for me! also they started in 1973...) i discovered Cabs when i heard their live album "Live At The Y.M.C.A. 27/10/79" from radio. then i felt their sound remained me Hawkwind... (then i didn't know anything about Cabs.) when i knew they release a new album "Three Mantras"(Cabs' site wrote this was EP, not LP! but it was same price as LP then!), i was so interested in listening to it... because what the cool title was! i really liked especially side-A "Eastern Mantra" that was a kind of minimal music with musique concrete! i was so interested in musique concrete at the time, also i recorded some my solo works by musique concrete too.
some time ago, suddenly i really wanted to listened to this album... but i didn't know why... but unfortunately i sold it more than 10 years ago... so i looked for it at the stores, finally i bought it again!! i listened to it the first time in more than 10 years!! i still felt their sound was a new style of psychedelic music, not noise music! i'm not interested in their sounds after "Voice Of America" that disappointed me when i listened at the time, because i felt too much boring like house music atmosphere... anyway it remains me something when i recorded my musique concrete solo works at my room in 1985 and 86... i'd like to make a musique concrete album again!!

Three Mantras

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