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        2007-06-30       Rock Encounter with Joe Beck / Sabicas

Sabicas is the famous Spanish Flamenco guitarist. (to tell the truth, Sabicas are brothers, Agustin Castellon Campos and Diego Castellon!... King Crimson's bassist Tony Levin who plays on this album wrote about it on his diary...) the concept of this album is fusion of Flamenco and Rock by a jazz guitarist Joe Beck... Donald MacDonald and Warren Bernhardt from White Elephant play on this album too. the sound is typical this kind of easy fusion music... not fused... i can understand why they wanted to try to play Flamenco Jazz Rock... because it was a kind of easy way to make "new" music! but Sabicas' Flamenco guitar doesn't play with the band so much... he (anyway i call Sabicas as one person here) plays his solo sections and the band play other sections... hummm... is it really collaboration? it's same way with Indo Jazz's album "Ragas and Reflections" (i wrote about it on 16th Jan. 06)... probably the arranger Joe Beck worked hard to arrange this album... although i heard some Spanish prog rock albums, almost sounds were same with this album! hahaha... because all bands have Flamenco guitarists in the bands!!! hahaha...!! i think it's same as American prog rock bands have banjo players!! (of course i've never heard American prog rock bands had any banjo players!!) i think it's too easy and stupid way... even Sabicas plays and a spanish singer sings Flamenco with the band on a track "Flamenco Rock" in this album, it's not fused... this is just the band play as the back band of Flamenco... although the Italian prog rock band Area could fuse rock and their traditional music, that's why they were Rock group!! it's the problem Joe Beck is not Rock... Rock is not just only the one of music style, it's more like spirit!!
anyway Sabicas is the one of my favorite Flamenco guitarist, so i can enjoy even this funny record! why so-called Jazz musicians can't understand what Rock is!!??? also it's often jazz musicians want to declare and play "Rock"... oh man... so stupid! why do they need to declare that they play Rock!? i'm sure they don't have any Rock spirits also they can't understand what Rock is!!! i want to say them they don't have any right to play Rock even they're famous, they have so much technics!! but unfortunately lots of stupid jazz fans and their fans praise them so highly, so they believe they can play Rock... if jazz musicians understand Rock spirits, they don't declare anything, just play... even their music is sound like jazz, people can feel Rock spirits from their music!! this is Rock!!

Rock Encounter


        2007-06-28       Lather / Frank Zappa

this is "Lather" 4LP set bootleg. the original Lather 4LP set was not released, these unreleased tracks were appeared on four separate albums in 1978 and 1979 as "Zappa In New York", "Studio Tan", "Sleep Dirt" and "Orchestra Favorite", because he discorded with Waner Brothers then. so Zappa played almost tracks on the radio also said to audience to record all tracks!! and Waner Brothers released 3 albums from unreleased tracks of Lather without Zappa's permission. now you can find "Lather" official dbl CD set with 4 bonus tracks that was released in 1997 after Zappa died... but some tracks of this CD are different overdubbing and mixing from this original version. so we can know the original Lather by only this bootleg 4LP set... i know Zappa was the perfectionist about his music, so he changed mixing, re-overdubbing many times when he reissued his works. even between original Lather and original these 4 albums ("Zappa In New York", "Studio Tan", "Sleep Dirt" and "Orchestra Favorite") are something different... i feel very different impression between this 4LP set and these 4 albums even same tracks, because the tracks' order is different... hummm... the order is important!! when i decided the order of AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s 1st album, i didn't put tracks counters on that CD even including 12 tracks! because i didn't want audience would skip the tracks by their hands... CD is much easy to skip the tracks (especially i hate the function of cd players "shuffle"!!) than LP... i'd like to respect musicians' idea why they decided this order when i listen to any records.
but anyway if the original Lather 4LP set was released, we couldn't to listen to "Zappa In New York"... not all tracks of "Zappa In New York" are including on this 4LP set. so which is better, the original 4LP or 4 separate albums...? by the way i really want to re-release the AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s so-called trashy work "St. Captain Freak Out & The Cosmic Bamboo Request" by 2 or 3LP box with re-overdubbing and remix tracks, unreleased tracks and some new recordings in near future... because it was not complete. (although then i had an idea to release the sequel to it, probably the complete LP box is better to make audience understand this cosmic rock opeara...) but who does want to listen to it? hahaha...
today is my birthday, so i vow to release this complete box as soon as possible!!!


        2007-06-27       Electric Love / The Electronic Concept Orchestra

i want to listen to this kind of no harm music when i'm in the thick of the recording... even their name is Electronic Concept Orchestra, their sound is not so "electronic"... not so featured synthesizer... the synthesizer plays only melody, almost arrangement are played so-called like a pop strings orchestra! Eddie Higgins who is well known as a jazz pianist plays synthesiser on this album. although he released his 1st solo album on 1958, he started to release albums from Japanese label Venus Records from 90s. so he became famous in Japan, but he still plays "mood" jazz for me... the art works of his albums make me fun! because these are so trick of the illusion that jazz is cool for silly japanese jazz fans! hahaha... but of course why bad!!?? people with sick mind needs to smooth over their mind by his music... hahaha! it's same for me, this album makes me smooth over my mind! hahaha... the sound of this album is so mellow and sweet that is a little different from other mood music by synthesizer... because Eddie Higgins plays it!!!???

Electric Love

        2007-06-26       Dreaming / Murari Band

i don't know about Murari Band so much... they are from Atlanta, they started in maybe 1978 or 79 and released at least 3 albums... i guess they are believers of a kind of Hare Krishna Temple... that's all... i found their name on the vinyl lists of japanese rare records stores as "acid folk"... i have their 2 albums. when i bought this album, i didn't know anything about them... i was just interested in this sleeve, because they put some images of Hare Krishna Temple... i imagined they might be a kind of cult acid folk group...? these is a inner sheet what is information of mailorder... they sell Murari Band's records and 3 books "Consciousness : Missing Link", "The Science Of Self Realization" and "Seach For Liberation : John Lennon 69"!! what are they? oh man... that period when they released it was already in 1981!! probably their music is like an old-fashioned fossil folk rock then... by the way what did i do in 1981?... i played my music, and i set up my cassette label R.E.P. to release my music... then i was alreay interested in what is called "psychedelic", "flower movement", "hippies culture", but these were already dead language by some new movements especially Punk and New Wave! unfortunately my music were not similar with Punk/New Wave... so nobody was interested in my music in that period... but i didn't care about it, i just wanted to play my music what i want to play and listen. in these days, people said my early works were really psychedelic, when they listened to some reissued my early works. i'm not sure my early works were psychedelic or not... maybe my early works what i wanted to play were similar with psychedelic music even i didn't know what psychedelic music was yet...
by the way Murari Band is also old-fashioned in that period too... so if i met them in 1981, could we sympathize each others? i think probably NO! we had totally different musical ideas! (so the drummer Benny Tillman plays so-called new age music now!) but i might be interested in their life style why i wanted to know what is called "hippies culture"... (so i had stayed at the one of Japanese old hippies commune when i was younger...) but i already understood that i'm interested in music more than life style!!


        2007-06-25       L'infonie (volume 3) / L'Infonie

i wrote about Raoul Duguay yesterday, so i wanted to listen to his avant-garde group L'Infonie's 1st album. although this is their 1st album, the title is "volume 3". (2nd album is "volume 33", 3rd album is "volume 333", 4th album is "volume 3333".) L'Infonie formed with 33 artists from free jazz, classical music, contemporary, rock, visual arts and poetry in Montreal in 1967, lead by canadian composer Walter Boudreau and poet, singer Raoul Duguay. so their music is not just experimental, the sound is like contemporary meets free jazz and rock also theater too, a little similar with F.Zappa & The Mothers of Invention!! also their looks is like a hippies collective or a freak out theater! (like Gong!) usually free music collective tend to play so boring masturbated improvisation, but their music is really successful to mix many different music, that's why Walter Boudreau holds initiative... i don't prefer to play and listen so-called easy free improvisation by many musicians... because it's not music for me, just players masturbate by instruments, and misunderstand about composing music by improvisation... in the first players must have the musical vision to reach with all members. in the second players must understand where they are on the music, when they play... if players feel only being ecstasies, this music becomes just musturbation... players must stand up different place from the audience!!!
this is the one of my favorite avant-garde record! because they have their musical brain!


        2007-06-24       On S'M O Kebek / Raoul Duguay

Raoul Duguay is the important musician in Quebec in late 60s and 70s. he formed the great avant-garde group "L'Infonie" with the great canadian composer Walter Boudreau, they released so great albums, especially "L'Infonie (volume 3)" is the one of the greatest avant-garde album!! but also he is well known as a hit singer too. this album "On S'M O Kebek" is strange... although this is dbl LP set, side-D is just blanc... it means 3 sides records set. tracks of side-A are chosen from his solo albums without his biggest hit song! side-B is 2 unreleased studio recording tracks (the sound is like mellow jazz vocal style) and 1 live tracks (the sound is like a bit prog rock ballad atmosphere)... suddenly at the end of the live track, audience sing together! the sound is like hymn!!!... then side-C, it's so strange, there is only 1 long track... intro is just tambura's drone!! he sings with like fake Indian traditional music by tambura, tabla, violin and acoustic guitar!! what!? is it the one of the french-canadian acid folk?? although i like his mellow and sweet pop & jazz vocal style, i love his acid folky french singing too!! espesially the end of half, he sings like fake indian chant with only drone... it's much better than La Monte Young's fake Indian chant for me! hahaha! also at end of the part, he start to speak to audience like a yoga mater!! what?? of course i know he sings with his early avant-garde group L'Infonie, so i'm not surprised even he plays any strange things... anyway it's so interested and funny track for me... why does Western people long to Indian culture also meditational things so much? this is the funniest thing for me!!!

On S’M O Kebek

        2007-06-23       Any Road Up / Steve Gibbons Band

although Steve Gibbons Band is the british rock group, i believed they were the american band... because their sound made me feel the american 70s rock atmosphere very much... their sound is just a common cool 70s style rock for me, nothing unique... but sometime i really want to listen to this kind of common cool 70s style rock!! unexpectedly it is a little difficult to find such real common 70s style cool rock records... of course it's easy to find many common bad 70s style rock also a bit uncommon 70s style cool rock records! i can enjoy their music just as a listener, it's important for me to be a music fan forever... but usually when i listen to the music, the music makes me remember i am a musician not just a listener... their composition is really nice, all tracks are fine works!
they're still playing now, oh man... they have some shows in UK in June and July too!! is someone going to go to their show? if possible i'd like to go to their show just as an audience in one day, probably i can enjoy their music with good drinking!

Any Road Up

        2007-06-22       Zero Time / Tonto's Expanding Head Band

of course everyone knows this success electric music album by Robert Margouleff and Malcom Cecil!! Malcom Cecil made the world premier polyphonic synthesizer T.O.N.T.O. (The Original New Timbral Orchestra), they formed Tonto's Expanding Head Band featuring T.O.N.T.O.!! Stevie Wonder discovered and loved this record, so he asked to work together... probably everyone knows these famous story... i love many electronics music, even like moog synthesizer meets Bach... such stupid early synthesizer records! but this record is really great, not too much experimemtal, but not like so-called synthesizer mood music! when i knew Stevie Wonder and Tonto's Expanding Head Band's story, i was so surprised that Stevie Wonder loved this music!!! because i believed he was not interested in any experimental music... (i like early Stevie Wonder's music! my first record what i bought by my money was Stevie Wonder's "Talking Book"!! i was 11 or 12 years old... hahaha...) although usually i'm not interested in any "new music", i can guess it was real revolutional future music in that moment... by the way it was in 1978 when i got a synthesizer Roland System 100 (model 101 and 102) that was my first instrument in my musical activity... you know i played and recorded just cosmic electronics sounds by it... hummm...

Zero Time

        2007-06-21       Mountain Moving Day / The New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band, The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band

i love to buy vinyls about almost religion, politics!! maybe it's my bad habit also my hobby... so i have many records of Women's Lib!!! of course this record is the one of my Women's Lib records collection. this record is split LP, side-A is The New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band, side-B is The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band... (why did they name same!?) although all tracks were recorded in 1972, both groups' sounds are so unique! especially The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band play like 60's San Francisco Psychedelic freak out!! they play so long guitar solo!! the sound is not like female group!... oh... because they're activists of Women's Lib!!! anyway this is so great and unique music!!
by the way, this title "Mountain Moving Day" is from a poem by japanese female poet Yosano Akiko who was japanese Women's Lib activist, she wrote this poem in 1911.

Mountain Moving Day

        2007-06-07       ....in "Jane From Occupied Europe" / Swell Maps

in 1980, i discovered Swell Maps from radio, when one radio program played 2 tracks from this album... i remember i was impressed with their strange sound especially some noise of the middle range what i love!!! this is their 2nd album also last album, they finished just after this recording. i don't know about them so much, i know just Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks already died... in late 70's, what is called "New Wave" groups recorded such strange timbre, of course this album too... i'm really interested how they made this kind of timbre... when i played with Charles Haywards, i asked him one question how he recorded This Heat 1st album. but he said me with smile "secret!"...
i bought the dbl LP reissue of this album (including many bonus tracks!) on last US tour... but when i listened to it, i was so surprised and disapointed... because all tracks were digital remastered, so the sound is totally different from the original vinyl. this remastering killed my favorite noise of the middle range!!! mamma mia...!!! their music lost magic by remastering... so i listen to only original vinyl of this album now! who did remaster it!? i'm sure he doesn't understand anything what Swell Maps' musical magic was!!


        2007-06-06       Paintings / Mike Quatro Jam Band

Mike (Michael) Quatro is the brother of Suzi Quatro. this is his first solo album even the name is his Jam Band, he played lots of keyboards and synthesizers. Patti and Nancy Quatro sing chorus, the lead vocalist John Finley is from Rhinoceros. also Ted Nugent plays guitar on 2 tracks!! the sound is including totally 2 different musical styles, some tracks are typical R&R style, the rest of tracks are prog rock style!!! the sound is like not by same musician! probably he had to put some R&R songs for sales promotion as Suzi's brother...?
i like american prog rock... because always flop as prog rock!!! hahaha... i guess Mike Quatro wanted to play like Keith Emerson, but it looks he didn't have enough technic... so i like this album!!! they cover King Crimson's "Court Of The Crimson King" with Ted Nugent's guitar!! this version is quit good, especially intro is so spacy and caostic!! anyway this is the one of the best american prog rock record for me!! but if he formed a prog rock group with his sister Suzi, i might be much more interested in!!!


        2007-06-04       UFO.1 / UFO

maybe everyone knows this british rock group UFO, especially they are well known as that Michael Schenker played guitar. (of course he didn't play on this album yet...) they called their first and second albums were spece rock!! (so their name is UFO!!!???) their sound is like psychedelic dark hard blues with a few cosmic electronics...!! also they cover Quicksilvers' "Who Do You Love", but their version is more downer!!! their sound mixing is a bit strange for me, because sometime lead guitar is so far, sometime so close and loud, it's a kind of three-dimensional sound...? i guess many groups looked for something about the truth of the music in that moment...


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