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        2007-05-31       Ty / Skaldowie

this is Polish group Skaldowie's 6th album that was released in 1970. i already wrote about their 2nd album in last autumn. they are known as Polish beat band, Polish soft rock band also polish prog band, because they changed the sound from beat rock to soft rock in late 60s, from pop rock to more prog rock on their 9th album "Krywan, Krywan" in 1973. i prefer their soft rock sound! even some people called their music "soft rock", i can't agree it... their sound is like dark side of the 60s mood pops for me!!!! i love this kind of pop strings arrangement like a sounds of A&M Records atmosphere!! but their vocal and chorus are very wimpy and delicate... and organ playing is so cheap and cool!!! i prefer this kind of pre-prog rock sound!! especially "Ostatnia Scena ~ Epilog" is the best track for me! a bit trukish riff by cheap wah guitar, very dramatic arrangement, so mellow vocal, what the bizarre song is!



        2007-05-29       Smile / The Beach Boys

i love Beach Boys as the most strange psychedelia for me! when i hear their freaky chorus, i feel to be mad by their freak out falsetto!!! especially i prefer early Beach Boys' sound!! but i like this album. (i have only one bootleg, so i don't know which bootleg is the best to understand Brian Willson's idea at the time... anyway i have only this bootleg...) when i listened to "Smile" by Brian Willson solo, i was disappointed a bit... because i believed the sound would be more beautiful and mad... although it was in 1967 when he recorded orginal "smile" with Beach Boys, it was 37 years later when he re-recorded "Smile" by himself... of course i couldn't expect on same sound as the original recordings in 1967... especially i was very interested in his idea of modular recording as the new technique... like how he would break such beautiful Beach Boys' chorus by this new way! when i discovered Beach Boys by F.Zappa's words long time ago (i was twenties then...), i got a big shock from Beach Boys' freak chorus!!! it was much more freak out than F.Zappa's strange chorus like fake Beach Boys for me!!!!! in 2001, suddenly i got one idea to mix like a heavy rock with Beach Boys' chorus... unfortunately we couldn't sing like Beach Boys' chours at that time, so i gave up then... but right now, i really want to try it again!!! because this bootleg remained me this idea again!!!! this album is the one of the best "musique cincrete" album for me.


        2007-05-28       Open Your Heart / Dominican Sisters

i really love to buy vinyls about any religions, its one of my hobby... so i have so big collection of vinyls about religions in my temple... i always look for Christian folk records on the US tour. there're too many Christian folk records in US!!! monks sing and play guitar!!! also families with big happy smile play this kind of music too!! what a funny music is!!! always their lyrics are like "thanks god" "viva Jesus!"... mamma mia!!! so i named them "Viva God Folk Music", hahaha... i really love to buy Viva God folk music records!!
this is the one of Viva God folk... The Dominican Sisters (they are real sisters in Pennsylvania) play so "neatly" "stoicism" folk music!!! i can't imagine why they can sing these lyrics so seriously! hahahaha...!
their music don't have any solemn... not same as Catholic hymn like Gregorian chant... their chorus has some more american folk atmosphere, also very simple guitar playing is so nice!!!! i don't believe any religions, but not anti-religions... some of my friends in US and Europe said me they hated anything what remained them their religions... they are like a religion allergy... but i'm not like them, so i can enjoy even these religional music as a bizarre cult music!

Open Your Heart

        2007-05-26       The Chelsea Sessions 1967 / The Incredible String Band

i like this session recording by Robin Williamson and Mike Heron... what a great recording is!! i prefer simple arrangement folk music, so this album is really good for me. my favorite ISB's album is "The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion" in 1967. they recorded this session in 1967, too... the arrangement of "The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion" is really perfect as a typical ISB sound for me, they used many instruments like sitar, oud, flute... it looks like a typical psychedelic atmosphere on the surface...
on this session, they don't use so much instruments, acoustic guitars, organ and a few things... this session by only acoustic guitars makes me feel more psychedelic!! the sound is a very insane folk music!!... like the other side of insane from Syd Barrett...

The Chelsea Sessions 1967

        2007-05-25       Selda / Selda

Selda Bagcan is a Trukish female singer. i don't know about her so much... although there is reissue as the Trukish psychedelic music, i guess she is just a Trukish pop singer... just arrangement has psychedelic atmosphere by electric saz, killer fuzz guitar, cosmic synthesizer sound... also all songs have typical Trukish melody and riffs! so we feel such psychedelic moods... even Erkin Koray who is well known as one of the most famous Trukish psychedelia, is just the very famous rock star in Trukey... when i've been to Istanbul for 2 shows of Musica Transonic / Mainliner in 1996, i asked the Trukish organizers "do you know Erkin Koray?" they said "yes, of course! he is the famous rock star since 60's!!!" i'd never imagined he was so big rock star there!!! i believed he was the Trukish underground musician in 60's! also they said there would be the biggest rock festival next day, Erkin Koray would play as pre-head liner!! i was so surprised that he was still playing!!! (Status Quo played as the head liner! they are only one foreign band in that festival...)
so i can guess Selda is just pop singer in Trukey... there're many same situations in the whole world, even in Japan too... but anyway i can enjoy this record as the trukish psychedelic sound!!


        2007-05-24       Earth Dances / The Silver String Macedonian Band

The Silver String Macedonian Band are the first Balkan revival music ensemble on the west coast, they are an american Balkan trad folk band. Nada (Nancy) Lewis is known as the great accordion player, who is the multi-instrumentalist.
The Silver String Macedonian Band's sound is like heavy trad folk for me... of course they play only acoustic instruments (no electric instruments), because their rythm is so heavy!! and they play many Bulgarian rythm, they play 44/16 (9+9+13+13) and 25/16 (7+7+11) on this album! but the sounds is not like any prog rock bands why their rythm is so heavy...
also i love their polyphony, the sound is like typical Bulgarian polypony style... so their music is the beautiful polyphony with heavy instrumental parts!! it seems it's perfect what i wanted to listen to!!!
Nada is still playing, also has released new cds too! i must check them out!!

Earth Dances

        2007-05-23       Cantigas de Viola de Rueda / Eduardo Paniagua

Eduardo Paniagua is a brother of Gregori Paniagua who led Atrium Musicae. all songs by Alfonso X el Sabio who is the king of Reino de Castilla, and featuring Viola de Rueda (hurdy-gurdy)... probably i prefer his big brother Gregori Paniagua & Atrium Musicae's so beautiful works to Eduardo's works... but of course Eduardo's works are good too, just i feel less "acid folk" atmosphere from his works than his brother's works... more like prog rock atmosphere for me...
i love hurdy-gurdy sounds, so this is a good hurdy-gurdy with chant album for me. i much prefer this kind of Mediterranean medieval music that has influence from Arab music to well known Iresh & British traditional music. so i love Mediterranean traditional music, Greek music, Eastan European music so much...
sometime i think music needs the drone... because many traditional music in the world have the drone in their music! but why did old people like the drone so much? this is a big question to me for a long time... probably drone had some special effect for them? so i love music with the drone since when i was a kid, too...? so i add some drones even AMT's loud rock music!? anyway the drone is beautiful for me... i feel like the drone shows me the other side of the universe...

Cantigas de Viola de Rueda

        2007-05-22       Chanterai Por Mon Coraige / Studio Der Fruhen Musik

finally i came back to my temple from AMT's US & Canadian tour. i can have a bit rest in this period although i was so busy from the beginning of this year... now i don't want to listen to any rock music... i need to listen to more mellow beautiful music.
so i chose the one of my favorite medieval music cd today. Studio Der Fruhen Musik was led by Thomas Binkley. (their album "Troubadours Trouveres Minstrels" is my best favorite record in all music.) all songs are from 12th or 13th century, they don't play so much instruments on this album, more like chant with Binkley's lute accompaniment.
this kind of beautiful music makes me forget too loud my guitar playing with AMT...

Chanterai Por Mon Coraige

        2007-05-19       Reed Streams / Terry Riley

tonight, i play as Acid Mothers Gong at Feitival Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville 2007. i'm in my room in hotel now... there is nothing around hotel... so i'm just listening to this Terry Riley's organ works by my iBook...
of course i bought many vinyls on this AMT US & Canadian tour, hahaha... also i bought some cds and dvds too. and i bought this cd on this tour too.
when i had dinner with Daevid Allen in last night, he said me he had dinner with his old friend Terry Riley in US just a day before yesterday. they spoke a little about AMT & TCI played at Terry Riley's 70th birthday event... i had no chance to speak with Terry Riley after playing in that night, so i didn't know what he thought about our cover of In C... he said Daevid "so loud" hahaha! it's true!
i love his early organ solo. also live version of In C by Walter Boudreau in 1970 is included too. i'm sure that AMT & TCI's live version will be never put on any Terry Riley's album ever!

Reed Streams

        2007-05-18       Classiks On Toys / Symfunny Orchestra

i'm in a room of hotel in Victoriaville Canada. tomorrow, we have a concert as Acid Mothers Gong here... when i walked around the central of this town in this afternoon, i bought this cd at one grocery store, it was just CAN$5!!!
i love what is called "easy listening music", especially covered famous songs by different arrangement. sometime i can discover so great strange cover versions from this kind of trash records. i think any music has more possibility to be more better music by unbelievable such strange arrangement!
all songs are played by only toy instruments on this cd! songs are Vivaldi's The four seasons, Bach's Toccata, Mozart's Rondo alla truca, Beethoven's Theme from Ode to joy, Ravel's Bolero, Debussy's Arabesque no.1, Satie's Gymnopedie no.1 and more classical famous songs, and Gershwin's Summertime also Beatles' When i'm sixty-four!
although of course musicians on this album have so good technique, some toys are out of tune... sometime i feel so good atmosphere by these bad tune with high-technical playing! especially i like Vivaldi's track. sounds like professional primary schoolchildren's ensemble! what!!??
so i can't stop to go to a grocery store!!!!

Classiks On Toys

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