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        2007-01-22       Llibre Vermell De Montserrat / Hesperion XX

Hesperion XX is led by Jordi Savall. he is the director and a viola da gamba player. so it means they play Renaissance and Baroque music... i don't prefer Baroque music so much... but i like this Spanish ensemble Hesperion XX's this album that they play songs from 14th century, not Baroque music. even they play medieval music, i feel a little different atmosphere from other my favorite medieval ensembles... usually i like medieval ensembles that make me feel acid folk atmosphere. but i feel Hesperion XX's sound is more prog rock atmosphere than acid folk... because they are more Baroque ensemble than medieval ensemble... their sounds are sometime too much well-organized and too gorgeous for me...
anyway their beautiful music smooth over my ears that are so tired by the recording...

Llibre Vermell De Montserrat


        2007-01-17       0 / Mady Gula Blue Heaven

the one of my favorite Mady Gula Blue Heaven's song "E Reine" is tributed to victims of Kobe & Awaji earthquake on 17th of January 1995... it was 12 years ago...
maybe many people knows Mady Gula Blue Heaven why Cotton was the vocalist. Mady Gula Blue Heaven is the one of my favorite Japanese female group! especially this thier 2nd album (also their last album) "0" is the one of my favorite album in Japanese undergroud scene. of course i love Cotton's rainbow colored vocals, but i really love the guitarist Tanaka Hiroco (aka Roco)'s guitar works and composing!! her songs are really beautiful!! especially i love track #1 "Nakushite shimaumade" and track #4 "E Reine"!! these songs are amazing beautiful!! so i bought 4 copies of this album for the rest of all my life at that time!!! their sound is really beautiful floating psychedelic pop rock!! and Roco (may I presume to call her Roco?) plays amazing guitar works on this album!! what the great arrangement is!!! her guitar playing has female's delicate sensibility, also it's very powerfull not like a female guitarist!! i'm sorry they finished just after this album... i really wanted to listen to more their music... Roco formed her new female bands Helicoid 0222MB and F.F.D. (Free From Disguise)!! i can listen to her many musical idea by these groups. (these groups have released some albums! if you're interested, please check it out!) i and Roco formed an acid folk duo "Karma" in a couple of years ago... we released one track on the one compilation "The Invisible Pyramid" from Last Visible. i really would love to make our 1st full album in this year... and if possible we'd like to go to the tour too. i really want to introduce Roco to everyone especially all of Acid brothers and sisters!!!! she is so great guitarist and so beautiful woman!!


        2007-01-15       Under A Violet Moon / Blackmore's Night

in these 10days, i'm recording AMT & TMP U.F.O.'s new albums so hard, i slept for only 2 or 3 hours each day... my ears and mind are just before fucked up by our music... in a case like this, i don't listen to any music or listen to unrelated music with mine. so i choose this Blackmore's Night's album. in the first thing, i like Richie Blackmore only when he played with Deep Purple until 1975, so i'm not interested in his other works, Rainbow, reunioned Deep Purple and this Blackmore's Night. especially i like Medieval music very much, i can't enjoy this kind of modern pop arranged traditional music... of course i like many trad groups with electric instruments, but Blackmore's Night is not same as them, they are not trad group, they're the pop rock group to the end... Blackmore's Night's music is just pops with Richie's guitar and a bit Renaissance and Baroque atmosphere... i already knew he loves classical music even he played only rock music. when i was a junior high school boy, i read his interview that he would like to play Renaissance music in one day... so it means the dream came true for him with his beautiful young girlfriend!!
this music is no meaning and nothing for me, just it makes me no think no feel. so why do i have such Blackmore's Night's albums!? sad to say i like Richie Blackmore even i already lost interesing with his music... god bless Richie... maybe he is really happy and satisfied with his present life. so finally he became fat by no stress... but i'm not sure i'll play so bad cover of troubadour music with a young girlfriend in one day even i will stop to play electric guitar...? hahaha...

Under A Violet Moon

        2007-01-14       Le Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena ~ Utinam Reviviscat Medium Aevum! ~ / J.A. Seazer

i like J.A. Seazer very much since when i was a high-school boy. i listened to his music first time, when i saw Terayama Shuji's Film "Denen Ni Shisu" at the small movie theater. then i got so big shock by his music... what the unique and strange sound is!! but unfortunately i didn't know anything about him at that time, i just found his name on the pamphlet... i believed J.A. Seazer was not Japanese... because his name is not like Japanese name!!
i looked for his information and albums from then, finally i knew he was a Japanese guy and the one of the legendary hippy!! unfortunately i couldn't find any his records at the stores, so i recorded his music by my old portable cassette-recorder at the movie theater when i could get a chance to see Terayama's films again. i loves his music as the real Japanese heretical prog rock!! (in those days i disappointed with almost 60's and 70's Japanese rock groups why they play just bad copies of Western music...) and i got many influence from his music at that time. (i think i got the influence only from him in all 60's and 70's Japanese music...)
i found one tv animation program "Le Fillette Revolutionnaire Utena" in spring 1997. it had so strange story and direction... and when i saw it first time, i was so interested in especially the sound track!! what the strange music is! i guessed maybe this composer stole the musical idea from Magma or Yoshida Tatsuya's Koenjihyakkei... but when i checked the name of composer on the ending roll, i found the name...what!!!??? the composer was J.A. Seazer!!! i couldn't believe he was working with a tv animation program!!! (because the directer Ikuhara Kunihiko is a big fan of J.A. Seazer!) so i watched this program in each wednesday evening! they released 4 sound track albums of this tv series, and 1 sound track album of the movie, of course J.A.Seazer composes and his theater Banyuinryoku sing on these albums!!! even the sound is like almost sequenced music, but i enjoyed typical his melody!! and chorus by Banyuinryoku remained me Magma!
this album is the sound track of Utena movie, not tv series. all tracks by J.A. Seazer! of course this is not his best works, but i can enjoy J.A. Seazer's world!!! especially i like to listen to it and sing together with driving!!!

Utinam Reviviscat Medium Aevum!

        2007-01-12       Lux Vivens / Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch

i didn't know who Jocelyn Montgomery was... i bought this cd just why i love Hildegard von Bingen and David Lynch very much. Hildegard von Bingen is well known as German monastic leader, mystic, author, and composer of music in the Middle Ages. maybe you know her by the famous group Sequentia plays her music and has released many albums of Bingen's music... and i'm sure i don't need to explain anything about David Lynch here.
i like Julee Cruise whom David Lynch produced, so i could imagine what kind of voice Jocelyn Montgomery has... and i've felt some mystic atmosphere by David Lynch's films, i imagined the sound might be more mystic than Twin Peaks sound track. but when i listened to it first time, i was so disappointed... because i couldn't feel any mystic power of Bingen's music from this David's producing... something were same atmopsphere as typical his gimmick world like his films Twin Peaks or Blue Velvet... it meant this was just a Bingen's formal cover with David's darkside effects for me. and i'm sorry Jocelyn Montgomery's voice didn't make me feel anything of Bingen's spiritual vibration too, even her voice was beautiful...
after 8 years, i found this cd in my disorderly cd rack... then i took it in a casual manner. i started to listen to it without any expectation of Bingen's mystic vibration, just as the beautiful floating female vocal music. suddenly i felt it was a good music as the David Lynch's dark floating music!! even he couldn't get success to get Bingen's mystic power on this album, he could make so beautiful dark music like his trademark!! when i listen to his some heavenly dark tracks on his film, i feel the divine light in the darkness... so his music doesn't have Bingen's mystic power, but it show me David's heavenly world what i love!!!

Lux Vivens

        2007-01-11       Thai Beat A Go-Go volume 2 / V.A.

what the strange music is! there were many garage groups in the world in 60s. so i can understand there were garage groups then even in Thailand too... but this music makes me so laugh !! because there're many strange vocals and riffs with so cheap sounds!! this is not just what is called garage sounds, it's like garage sounds with Thai folk and traditional popular music! and they stole some famous riffs for example Black Night!! the one of the group The Traces covers "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus" by Thai!! also Viparat Piengsuwan covers "Beautiful Sunday"!!! mamma mia!!! why is their music so optimistic and funnky...? it's really optimistic psychedelic music for me!!
there are some photos of Thai rock singers like a fake Elvis inside of the sleeve. mamma mia! what the bad looks there are!!! hahaha...
now i have a new idea i'm really interested in listening to recently Thai psychedelic groups if there are some...

Thai Beat A Go-Go volume 2

        2007-01-07       Gaudia Vite -Live- / Corvus Corax

i didn't know anything about Corvus Corax even their name until i bought this cd. when i saw the strange dressed guys with bagpipes and percussion on this cd jacket at the shop in China, i laughed a lot. i couldn't imagine what they were! i imagined their music would be like pipe music with heavy metal or techno beat... but anyway i was interested in their music even if it might be bad...
but...the sound is really good!!! their music is just by some bagpipes, vocals and percussion!! what!!?? also they play medieval and traditional music, even their looks are like troubadour-punks!!! they wear like mixture of medieval and punk or heavy metal fashion and tattooed!! hahaha... originally they were more normal trad group with bagpipes, but they changed to this style... the show is started by the big gong sound, and they start so heavy groove by big bass drums and timpani, the sound is like hardcore Japanese Taiko music!! pipes are played on this heavy rythm!! also they chant by their strong bass voices!! what is this music? i associated like a kind of pagan ritual music!! audience becomes so crazy!!! unfortunately i didn't know they had come to Japan!! i really want to see their show!!
what the unique idea is! they are real 21st century troubadours!!

Gaudia Vite -Live-

        2007-01-04       BBC Radio1 Live in Concert / Steve Hillage

i love Gong, of course i love Steve Hillage too. I haven't lost interest in listening to their music since when i discovered them more than 20 years ago. but unfortunately i couldn't see Gong in 70s... i saw Gong first time in 1996, but Tim Blake and Steve Hillage weren't there... (the drummer was Pip Pyle!). although i saw Gong 4 times in my life (including a show in RFH London when AMT played as the support band), i hadn't seen Steve Hillage and Tim Bkake even they are my favorite musicians! but finally i could see Gong with them at Gong Family Unconvention 2006 when Acid Mothers Gong played there too. i was so impressed with that their performance as much as my first concert of Deep Purple in 1984!! ( i also coldn't see Deep Purple in 70's too... because i was a kid then!) what the cool guy Tim is!!! and i enjoyed Steve's guitar on the Gong and Steve Hillage Band too! (anyway i hadn't seen him before...)
since that Gong Family Unconvention, i've listened to this Steve Hillage's live album in my car. it's the really good driving music!!! especially i'm very interested in one part of his music that is space prog rock with disco sound...
when i played as a guitarist of Glissando Orchestra at Gong Family Unconvention, Steve asked me what i used for glssando guitar! when i showed him my glissando bar Jutte, he was surprised and interested in it. also i was so glad he liked Acid Mothers Gong's performance too. who could imagine Steve would like my music when i was a high-school boy!! and he and Miquette Giraudy are so nice people!! it was the greatest moment in my life!!

BBC Radio1 Live in Concert

        2007-01-02       Stone Angel / Stone Angel

this Stone Angel's 1st album is well known as one of the mega rare British folk record. of course i have only this reissue cd. (there are many photos inside of the booklet!)
their sound is the medieval and traditional music with a little bit electric instruments. it looks a well balanced ensemble by acoustic instruments and electric instruments for me. even i like Fairport Convention (with Richard Thompson), i prefer Stone Angel to even the great trad/folk-rock group Fairport Convention. because their sound is more dreamy folk... sometime Paul Corrick plays the floating fuzz-tone guitar! it's the great part on this album!

Stone Angel

        2007-01-01       The Courts Of Love / Sinfonye

happy new year!
i chose this Sinfonye's record as my first record 2007. i like this British medieval music ensemble. i'm very glad to listen to this beautiful music in a new year!!
Sinfonye is led by Stevie Wishart who is Australian medieval fiddle and hurdy-gurdy player. she learnt and researched medieval music by her travelling (including Occitan speaking communities).
their sound is not so academic for me, more like medival acid folk. this is the most important point about this kind of music for me... if the music makes me feel too much academic atmosphere, it means it's not Rock! even medieval music, i need this kind of feeling for any music.
all songs of this album are from Aquitaine in France. what the beautiful tracks are!!! although i got full of energy from Deep Purple in last night, this kind of beautiful music gives me full of supreme bliss of my life!!! it's really good for beginning of the year!!

The Courts Of Love

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