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Kawabata Makoto
Acid Mothers Temple, Gong



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        2006-12-31       Machine Head Live 1972 / Deep Purple

tonight is new year's eve!! mamma mia!!!! time flies!!!
so i wanted to choose the last record in 2006... but i couldn't decide just one record...
finally i chose this dvd of Deep Purple live!!! because always this live film gives me lots of energy and power!!! sometime i was really tired about my life, i lost all energy and i was not interested in playing music anymore... but when i watched this Deep Purple live film, suddenly i could get full of energy from their performance!! i don't know why? maybe i know why... their performance have the real rock spirits!!! much more than any other rock groups for me!!! neither stage setting nor stage effects is on their stage, there are just wall of big amplifiers!!what the cool stage set is!!! they don't play with too much poses even Ritchie Blackmore, their action are very natural by their rock spirits!!!
i watched this live film first time about 15 years ago... since that moment, i've seen it more than one hundred times... even Deep Purple are underestimated than other hard rock groups like L.Zep or Black Sabbath in these ten years, it doesn't matter!! especially Deep Purple #2 (1971-73) is the one of the best hard rock group for me!!
although i'm so tired after many tours, i can get back full of energy from them!!! so in 2007, i'm going to play music much more than 2006!!!!!!! let's Rock!!!!

Machine Head Live 1972


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